Ladies We'd Like To Bring to Life: Laura Roslin

Posted at 8:00 AM Jul 29, 2009

By Geoff George


Alright, I'm goin' sci-fi for the second week in a row, but instead of grabbing a character who thrives on muscle and sweat (of which there are plenty: Ripley from Alien, Alice from Resident Evil, Ana Lucia from Lost ... ), I thought, who's a woman who survives on stately conduct, politics and occasional intrigue?

Enter Battlestar Galactica's  Laura Roslin: accidental president of the human race following the Cylon (robot) attack on the Twelve Colonies; foil to Commander Adama's initially foolhardy militaristic plans, then later his greatest ally; a breast cancer fighter, then survivor, then fighter again; a leader, a teacher, a speaker, a hard-nosed decision maker. In all seriousness, if humans ever create robots who become sentient, then leave, then descend from the skies years later to ask for our surrender, I say we nominate actress Mary McDonnell as benevolent ruler of the planet and just make her stay in character.

When you've got the likes of Gaius Baltar and Tom Zarek vying for your seat of power aboard Colonial One, you've gotta know how to play the game and how to play it well. Roslin knows just when to play the right octagonal-shaped cards from her deck: diplomacy for the striking workers, hard-bargaining skills for the skin-jobs (humanoid Cylons) demanding asylum with the colonists, and, finally, a willingness to take a couple risks. "Hey, say, so I've been having these visions lately, and I think they'll lead the way to Earth, and anyway how's about I send our best fighter pilot back to an invaded homeland, just to look for an artifact that only might lead the way to a planet that very possibly doesn't even exist?" Way to roll that hard six, Mrs. President.

Plus, she'd be able to unite the people better than anyone else. Liberals would support her stance on children's education, legalized abortion and fair trials for all, and conservatives would support her stance on sending Cylons out the frakkin' airlock whenever she damn well pleases.

Forget Clinton. Really forget Palin. Roslin in 2012?


Sarah said:


Laura Roslin is the most kick-ass lady in all of outer space. Her and Starbuck. Seriously, those girls could rule the world.

Sarah said:

Scratch that, "...should rule the world."

David said:

"So say we all!!"

BorgQueen said:


Chelsea said:

I love you Madame Airlock!

...I'm just going to pretend that she didn't die in the finale. Forever.

SJwashere said:

Thanks so much for including the most awesome scifi chick ever!

firstlady1408 said:

Oh SO SAY WE ALL!!! Madam Airlock, the Queen of SCI FI!

Crystal said:

Totally agree! I love that she has the heart to be a teacher but at the same time, knows how to make tough decisions and doesn't back down. Truly an awesome character and Mary McDonnell kills in this role.

PaulrissaRahany said:


Maud said:

ROSLIN 2012-forever!!!!!

gem said:

One of the most diverse female characters ever portrayed on tv or film.

"I say we nominate actress Mary McDonnell as benevolent ruler of the planet and just make her stay in character."


Regency said:
I say we nominate actress Mary McDonnell as benevolent ruler of the planet and just make her stay in character.

Yes. God, yes.

Forget Clinton. Really forget Palin. Roslin in 2012?

I'd take it.

Thank you for acknowledging her awesome. Somebody needed to.

Val V. said:

Roslin 2012... hell yes!! Laura Roslin the greatest Prez to ever be on scene!
No one else could of ever bought her to life beside the amazing Mary McDonnell!!!

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