Ellen Page returns as sassy outcast

Posted at 2:43 PM Jul 15, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

If you've been in Sassy Outsider Teen withdrawal since Juno, know that your fix is coming in October when Whip It, Drew Barrymore's directorial debut starring none other than Ellen Page, opens in theaters. The trailer's just out:

Reasons to be pessimistic: didn't this miss the roller derby train by about five years? Also, is that overly clever, back-patting dialogue I hear?

Reasons to be optimistic: there's no "redeeming" romance featured heavily in the trailer! Could this be a "makeover" movie that isn't about becoming super-prepster, a mean girl or Cinderella? Also, Kristen Wiig! And Austin, Texas!


kris said:

I hate tacked on romances. Especially that one in Juno, where we're just supposed to say "Good for you two" when the guy abandons her and never tries to be an active part of her life until he knows he won't have to raise the kid?

David Savage said:

@Kris Wasn't that the best part of the whole movie?! No wait, the entire movie was the best part because through all her troubles Juno basically said "meh". And that's SUPER realistic. At least the movie was cute as this one is looking to be.

David said:


I'll netflix it.

Calvin said:

"Juno" sucks. It was terrible. The dialogue was terrible, and I can't stand this actress any more than I can stand Cera. As far as Page goes: the hyper-intellectual, middle-aged vocabulary and syntax works better with a character who is supposed to be smart, experienced and cynical, not angsty, sheltered and naive. Her whole style just irritates me. "Meh" can be a bold Camus-esque resignation to the absurd... or it can be a whiny teen who thinks they are "mature" or "ahead of their time" when really they're just ignorant.

I don't blame her alone; I blame the writers who write for her and her complicity in such roles. A pox on both films! A pox, I say!

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