A real-life Nancy Botwin finds her son's weed

Posted at 11:00 AM Jul 10, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Sure, Mary-Louise Parker's Nancy Botwin was all protective of her kids' exposure to the green stuff during the first season of Weeds, but she eventually backed down. Looks like this mom, whose lunchbox-friendly note is featured today on Buzzfeed, has taken a cue from later-period Nancy:


I'm not sure there are many moms on the planet who are happy to do their kids' laundry and write them silly, passive-aggressive notes about finding weed therein. This kid better get his mom the rockin'est Mother's Day present ever. If he's not too high to remember.

Readers, what's the coolest thing your mom ever didn't freak out about when you were a kid?


Samantha Campos said:

She once walked in on 16-year-old me, my slutty best friend-of-the-week and two random boys playing strip poker. I was so mortified I think she felt bad for me and didn't freak out at all. Amazing.

Andrea said:

My mom did a similar thing, Samantha. My friends and I were playing truth or dare upstairs, and somehow she walked in on a boy running around the pool table in his boxers. All she had to do was give me a look and a holler and never mention it again. I was totally mortified.

Krista said:

Sadly, I have no memories of my mom not freaking out.

Samantha Campos said:

Ah, yes. The omnipotent mom look. More powerful than a thousand spankings or being grounded for a week.

Julie said:

Mom freaked out constantly. Grandma, however, did not (and she lived with us).

Grandma walked in on boyfriend (this was senior year of high school, I think) and me making out on my bed. She didn't say anything--just turned around and left. I was mortified (and, to this day, have never seen a guy move that fast...). The next day, at breakfast, over her coffee and toast (and with my mother nowhere near) she said to me, "You know, when your grandpa and I were dating, I used to have to wash, dry and iron his pants before he left."

Took me a minute.

"WOW, Grandma!"

Man, I miss her.

Roxanne said:

Unfortunetly I have to agree with Krista, we're talking about a woman who freaked out over me watching sailor moon.

Anna said:

The best-mom-ever award has to go to mi madre. I had a party in high school during which some sophomore kid found my parents' bong, scraped the resin out of it somehow, smoked it and the blabbed to everyone in our VERY small town that he got high off my parents' stash. The only thing she ever said was "you know this sucks for your dad and me, right?"

Anonymous said:

I don't think the poster realizes what passive aggression is.

Jeremy Entwistle said:

Funny story. My brother and I stole a box full of my mom's matches and little them around our apartment complex. After she found out they were missing, we said we wanted her to stop smoking cigarettes and she was touched.

A few days later, she found out we were just stupid when somebody ratted us out. Instead of freaking out though, she took us to the fire station and the guy had us look at pictures of burn victims. Not cool when your 10 years old by the way.

Lshygirl5 said:

My mom would do the same thing as the mom in the post if she found my weed. The language used sounded so much like what my mom would say that it could be something she wrote. She once tried to get my neighbor to sell me weed, it was actually really embarrassing.

K-Dub said:

I had a bong when I was younger and it wasn't huge but it was quite larger than your average bong. So I let a friend borrow it one day and he called later on to tell me that he was bringing it back. I was sleeping and I knew that my mother would not be home until much later so I told him to leave the bong by the side door. Well, my stoner ass fell asleep (hell, I was 16 - all I did back then was sleep and get stoned). So my mother had come home before I woke up. When I woke up and went downstairs, I saw my bong sitting on the kitchen counter with a beautiful bouquet of flowers in it. Man, parents can be so funny sometimes.

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