Women Who Make Us Ask WTF?: Pastor Melissa Scott

Posted at 10:00 AM Jun 23, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

Some late nights when I can't sleep, I'll find myself watching just about anything on the tube.  And for some reason, Pastor Melissa Scott is just about always on.

Do you know who I'm talking about?  The long-haired, sexy pastor/widow who was once married to the late Dr. Gene Scott, a cigar-smoking, screaming television evangelist who regularly cursed out his followers and demanded their money out of his church in Los Angeles.  (He definitely deserves his own WTF?)

Now Pastor Melissa is having her day, swishing across the stage, breaking down Bible verses into strange languages and talking in circles until she literally makes my brain hurt.  The whiteboards that litter her stage are filled with writing in foreign languages, and she loves to circle words with her colored markers and nod wisely and toss back her hair.  (Despite her claim that she is fluent in twenty languages, I've never seen her write in anything other than English - the foreign words are already on the board when the camera starts rolling.  Hmm.)

To add to the mystery, Marie Claire writer Gretchen Voss recently published a startling piece that seems to suggest the holy woman is actually a former porn star who once went by the name Barbie Bridges and was one of Dr. Gene Scott's "pony girls."  (Read the article to understand because I really don't want to get into it.)

The weird thing is, Melissa hasn't actually denied the rumors.  ("You defend that, what else do you start defending?" she told Voss.)  She just preaches on, wearing her stiff ministerial collars and circling all the big words on her board.  She's lovely to look at, but she definitely deserves a WTF? 


FuryOfFirestorm said:

Fluent in 20 languages? Yeah, and I'm the tooth fairy!

BorgQueen said:

Porn star or no, she is just another televangelist with a multi-million dollar existence, bilking money out of people looking for salvation.

ranchoth said:

Yow! Someone ELSE has seen her, too! Though I didn't know her late husband——that fellow who looked like a plucked chicken, I take it——was, er, late. My mom caught those videos a couple of times, channel surfing, though neither of us was able to make out what the "A Beautiful Mind"-esque diagram lectures were supposed to be about. (I think we guessed that it was something about Hebrew numerology holding encoded fuel formulae for the lizard people's space fleet, but we might have been a little fanciful in the interpretation)

I will say, though, that I've always thought priest collars looked good on women, especially when with nice suits. (Not that I see them worn, terribly often. Mostly on renegade christian denominations, or the odd neopagan. None, so far, on any professional Vampire Hunters, to my gross disappointment.)

Bear Tactics said:

Honestly, I hate the word "fluent." I would be skeptical of almost ANY person claiming they were fluent in more than 7 or 8 languages, and that's being nice. It takes a long time, a lot of practice, and in my opinion, it takes time spent living in the country in order to obtain "fluency." Struggling but still getting by in another language does not count as fluent.

Sorry. Rant from a linguist/language lover.

otto mandarin said:

... and how bout that b%&ch in cubicle three, does she think she's all that or WTF? she's as bad as that c$&t at the trailer park who thinks that old campy canopy make her a double wide, i never, WTF. and dontchu jus hate those skanky hos who all they got to do is to chet bout somebody else's bitness jus cuz they aint got no bitness of they own. yea i gotcho WTF right here.

tspears said:

Personally I like her and I wish she were on more! She may be writing in other languages so others can receive the messege too.

lady29 said:

I don't know what her past is all I know is that she is a good and knowledgeable preacher. and if she is preaching to a english speaking crowd wouldn't she write in english even if shes fluent in 20 languages? the fact that she is fluent in 20 languages is not profitable to other people unless they speak all of the same languages that she is fluent in. if she knows the root language of a word and teaches what it means that is profitable to others otherwise if shes speaking english and writing in greek im gonna be lost.

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