Women Who Make Us Ask WTF?: Kristen Stewart

Posted at 11:00 AM Jun 09, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

Is it just me, or does Kristen Stewart seem supremely irksome?

I mean, in terms of the ladies who have made me say WTF, Kristen is pretty low on the totem pole.  She's not a total hot mess.  Mostly, she just strikes me as a stoner babe with a pretty face who talks nonsensically about things like driving from London to Russia (see the above Letterman clip - classic.)

But sometimes her too-cool-for-schoolness just rubs me the wrong way.  I mean, come on, she's gets cast as Bella in the Twilight series films and in this interview blabs on about how "it really caters...it really facilitates work that I love" while snarkily saying the second film in the series (New Moon) is "very epic." 

Please girl, like you can just sit around now, filing your nails and waiting for Jim Jarmusch to take your calls because you deigned to play a teen girl filled with vampire lust?  You should be kissing Stephenie Meyer's Mormon butt!  Does it kill you that much to have to be in a popular movie?

She's always rubbing her eyes and doing this weird affected stutter and acting like she just woke up and can't be bothered.  In interviews, she acts calculatedly bored and says odd things like, "I'm entirely self-indulgent" and "I definitely have a future in academics, but it's just not really a conventional one."

The truth is, I shouldn't be so harsh on Miss Stewart.  When I was 18, I acted the very same way.  Only I wasn't banking major dollars and appearing on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.  So frankly, I think I'm entitled to a little WTF.


Capt_kool said:

I think her 1990's biker jacket needs a bit of WTF.

BorgQueen said:

Not only that, I read an interview with her where she called her teenage fans stuff like "annoying" and "ridiculous." She acted very put-upon by the very people who were supporting her career, basically. WTF indeed.

David said:

Stoner? No wayyy. Nooo waaaay. Noooooo waaaay.

Well maybe.

David said:

I wish I could remember this stuff when I post the first time -

The other thing was that she's only 19. I did a ton of stupid stuff when I was 19, and made absolutely no sense at all.



FuryOfFirestorm said:

Talk about failing upwards...
She starred a few years ago in Panic Room with Jodie Foster
and now she's stuck playing a weak "Mary Sue" on a series of shitty films based on shitty books. .

DD said:

So many people are giving Stewart a pass because of her age. But look at interviews with Natalie Portman at the same age; she was brilliant and posed even then. Kristen Stewart is shamelessly ignorant and so busy acting bored that she's simply boring.

Lisa from Fullerton said:

I saw some MTV and other interviews on You Tube from Comi-Con in San Diego and there is something not quite right with her. In fact, whatever it is, it makes me want to strangle her. She CANNOT talk in complete sentences or stop running her fingers through her greasy hair. Also, if you read this KS, please stop fluttering your eyes so much when you act. It looks forced, weird and takes the viewer out of the scene. You didn't do it in Panic Room so why are you doing it now?????

A.E. said:

I completely agree with Lisa from Fullerton.. There is something wrong with her that i still can't figure out. Rob is one of most honest and modest guys i have ever seen in my life, really. I was actually quite surpised and impressed by his interviews when i first watched them. I though he would be spoiled and ignorant at that age. Instead he really has an intellectual side. He plays the piano, composes his own music, and yet he is shy to embrace and be with his talent. He is a sophisticated guy which is a good thing.. He has a great sense of humor. Kristen tries to look tired and bored all the time. Either she has self esteem problems or something else. She has weird facial expressions, she stutters. She really has somethings to figure out. To complete , i don't think she is mature at all no matter how old she is..

tardgenius said:

In the few interviews I've seen with her, she seemed coked out of her mind.

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