Women Who Make Us Ask WTF?: Karissa and Kristina Shannon

Posted at 8:00 AM Jun 30, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

"Hi!  I'm Kristina!"

"And I'm Karissa."

(giggle, giggle)

"And we're Hef's new girlfriends!  Isn't that soooo cute?  Identical twins for Hef!"

(giggle, giggle)

"Okay, so this is Karissa talking, and I just have to say that it really is true what I said in US Weekly about us not caring that Hef can't tell us apart.  It really doesn't bother us one bit!  Not as long as we get to stay at the mansion!"

"Seriously!  I mean, who cares if he doesn't know I'm Kristina?  The only problem with things right now is Kendra left her room so stinky.  I really need to have the mansion staff clean it again."

"Tell me about it, Karissa!  Bridget's room is covered in Wednesday and Gizmo's animal hair!"

"OMG, how grody!!!"

(giggle, giggle)

"Kristina, we were born in 1989, did you know that?"

"Duh, Karissa, I was there, remember?"


"Well, guess what year Hef was born in?"

"Um, I'm sooooo bad at math!"

"He was born in, like, 1926!"

"Dude, like during World War II?"

"I think that was later."


"But I think it was definitely when the wagons were heading West."

"Wow.  Yeah, I think you're right."

"So, you know, I guess we can forgive him for mixing us up."

"Yeah.  Maybe his eyes aren't so good anymore.  From all that wagon driving he had to do as a little kid.  I bet they didn't have eye doctors back then."

"Yeah, probably not."


"Hey, Karissa, do you remember what we wanted to be when we grew up?"

"Yeah...like....doctors?  Or maybe ballerinas?"

"Yeah, I think it was ballerinas."



"Oh, by the way, it's your turn to stay with Hef tonight."

"Oh, really?  I thought it was your turn."

"No, it's yours.  I checked...not like it'll make any difference to him, right?"

(nervous laughter)

"Yeah, right."


"But remember, Holly left that big box of Valium under the bed, remember?  That will make things easier."

"Yeah, totally."



Lshygirl5 said:

Oh goodness, this totally grosses me out, I am a year older than these girls and I too have an identical twin sister, but we think the idea of dating the same man, especially an old creepy man like Hugh Hefner, is repulsive.

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