Women Who Make Us Ask WTF?: Jessica Biel

Posted at 8:30 AM Jun 02, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

Life's tough when you're gorgeous.  So says Jessica Biel in a recent Allure magazine interview in which she claimed her good looks are "a problem...I have to be blunt."  She added that she simply wants "an opportunity" and that it's one thing to be rejected after an audition but "if you don't even want to see me - that's hurtful."

Not to be a snot, Ms. Biel, but could it be that you sucked in 7th Heaven?

I mean, seriously, she's pulling out the "I'm too pretty" card?  Really?  She is quite attractive, most definitely, although I would dare say there are many other ladies just as pretty if not prettier.  But come on, girl.  You were in the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre!  You date Justin Timberlake!  And you sucked in 7th Heaven.  So just suck it up, get your free swag when you present at awards shows, and move on.

I'm too pretty?  Yes, yes, dear, that's it.  That's Angelina Jolie's problem, too, last I heard.  WTF?


BorgQueen said:

I am giving myself a headache over here from all the eye-rolling. PLEASE... our society is so image-obsessed that being "too" pretty is a disadvantage that I am sure plenty of people would like to have. I think JB is gorgeous but I don't see an Oscar in her future anytime soon... honey own up to the fact that you are an average actress and take advantage of your youth and beauty while you have it.

FuryOfFirestorm said:

If being "too pretty" is a problem for you, Ms. Biel, then perhaps you might want to hire someone to beat the pretty out of you (i'm sure a bunch of JT's fans would gladly do it for free). Problem solved!

Vegetable Assassin said:

In all honesty it's not that she's too pretty, it's that she's too damn BLAND. No personality shines through at all! She's totally forgettable. I always think the people that make it have some quirky quality or something outstanding or memorable about them and she just doesn't. Sorry Jess. You're pretty but hey...

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