Women Who Make Us Ask WTF?: Denise Richards

Posted at 11:00 AM Jun 16, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

I wonder what Denise Richards does all day.  I mean, not enough to actually watch her reality show, but seriously, what, exactly, does Denise Richards do with her life?

I think she was on Dancing with the Stars once, right?  Or maybe not.  She was in that movie where she sucked face with Neve Campbell.  Has she done any commercials?  Is she related to the Noxzema skin girl?  They look alike.  Gee, I wonder what ever happened to Noxzema skin girl?  If Denise Richards has her own reality show, why doesn't she?

She got divorced from Charlie Sheen, yes.  She has kids - two girls, I think.  Oh, okay, y'all, I just went and checked and she does have a fan club.  Well, that's nice for her, I suppose.

I just do not understand why this woman is famous.  Or has a show.  Or does much of anything at all.  I love how the title of her show is Denise Richards: It's Complicated.  What, exactly, is complicated?  She's kinda cute with big boobs and she teeters around on her high heels while coming up with stuff to talk about on camera for her boring show.  Why is that complicated?  That's not complicated at all.  It's actually quite boring. 

Maybe her show should be Denise Richards: It's Boring or Denise Richards: I Honestly Have No Idea Why I'm On This or Denise Richards: WTF?  


Dollface said:

I suggest Denise Richards: I'm Irrelevant and in Denial

Arsenal said:

She was in Star Ship Troopers, that is all that matters

Natalie Pappas said:

I like Denise I feel she's real and just like everybody else this could be good therapy for all the stuff in her past. Being married to a Charlie and having his children I'm sure that was hard and complicated for the world to think they know your business. I feel she has done alot of things on TV and modeling and she's a classy lady and also a good role model. She seems to be a great mother and an animal lover and a supportive father. She's lucky to have friends and a great sister and brother in law that really care and love her.

Chelsea said:

Ah, Rebecca Gayheart! I have this theory about her being a bitch in real life. Only based on two things:

1) She was the original girl cast as Inara on Firefly. They filmed the pilot with her and everything, but Joss "knew it wasn't working out" and secretly filmed all of her scenes using two shots, so that the others wouldn't have to re-film everything. Wow.

2) She was a main character on Dead Like Me, but then was killed off within a few episodes.

Poor girl.

As as for Denise Richards, I can't even think about her without adding, "Colon It's Complicated" to the end. The Soup, it has warped me.

Carnigirl said:

Gayheart is a Plastic, in the 90s she'd've been called a Heather. All smiles and tears for the men, but catty comments and fake smiles for the women. And lanugo, oy.

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