Why I love to say "the tits." The tits! There! I said it again!

Posted at 12:00 PM Jun 24, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Saying "the tits" is, in my opinion, the tits.

Somehow I picked up this appreciative phrase over the past few weeks, and while it will surely someday go the way of "O Hai" in my vocabulary, right now I'm milking it (!) for all it's worth. But why do I love to say "the tits?" I think the Urban Dictionary definition for the phrase puts it nicely: "The same as 'the shit,' only better because tits are great and shit isn't."

'Cause you know what? Tits are great. Most other bodily references in modern slang are derogatory terms--behaving like a dick, a pussy and/or an ass is not something to aspire to (though if you can pull off all three at once, well, I'd like to see it). Similarly, you shouldn't be a butthole or a shithead. A notable exception in my mind is "balls," which are pretty good to have regardless of gender. But hey! Both tits and balls are jiggly and mostly fun to play with. Coincidence that they both have positive connotations as a slang term? Maybe people just love jiggly. Then again, it's not like you only see firm, toned butts.

I suppose an argument could be made that the phrase reduces women to body parts, overshadows their humanity, blah blah blah--for related information, see "Boobies, Save The." But breasts really are pretty great. They feed, they titillate and best of all, they're attached to women. What's not to like?


Erelas RyAlcar said:

Hah, an article that is truly "the tits", love it, love them, love the phrase.

Anonymous said:

can i see inside

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