Was Dracula really a woman?

Posted at 2:30 PM Jun 05, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Sorry, Stephenie Meyer. Looks like the Smithsonian Channel has come up with an actually interesting twist on the ole' vampire myth. What if Dracula had been a woman?

Well, we'd get an overly dramatic, hyperbolic preview for an inevitably disappointing, but no less riveting, documentary from the Smithsonian! The forthcoming doc combines everything that is guaranteed to make me stay home with a box of Franzia and a tub of popcorn: European history, the occult, and "shocking" discoveries. Fangies and gentlenibbles, I give you, The Vampire Princess!

None of this should be particularly shocking to most folks who've taken a passing (or obsessive) interest in the occult of the Middle Ages. Women were often accused of practicing witchcraft and garden variety evil magic. My guess is that this show has discovered that some female royal was accused of something along these lines, and they're taking the opportunity to jump on the recent vampire popularity bandwagon. And I am so not complaining.

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Esbat said:

And now its okay for vampires to be sexy. Freudian Penetration at its best!

FuryOfFirestorm said:

Dracula a woman?
Well, Dracula did suck the life out of a lot of men...
*ducks thrown chair*
Oh, like you didn't see that joke coming! 8^D

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