Soap Box: All a-Twitter

Posted at 5:00 AM Jun 04, 2009

By Kathleen Willcox

Thank GOD for social media, am I right? I barely have time to skim the headlines on, never mind scrupulously review the latest suds downloaded on my TiVo and waiting (and waiting .... waiting) for my undivided attention.

Maybe during my next three-day weekend (Independence Day?) I'll be able to squeeze in some QT with the boob tube between manically bopping between BFFs' BBQ's and fireworks displays, all while texting updates of my status to my friends ... via Twitter and Facebook.

And if I have trouble keepin' up with me stories, I'm sure you do too. Despite a study that claims most Twitter users "are men talking to men" there are a ton of great soap opera-obsessed users, not to mention stars with updates and trade pubs that do the work (ha) of keeping up with the goings-on in Pine Valley and Salem when you're too distracted by plots and subterfuges in your own life to worry about speculation that General Hospital's Carly has disowned Michael for what he's done to her physically and emotionally and the crazy-ass drama that ensues.... But if you still want to stay on top of what's going down (admit it, you know you do!), here are our favorite Twitter resources for all things soap-related:

5. Soap Opera World (this is for the truly hardcore - it specializes in back issues of soap mags from the 70's to the present and generates gossip and speculation about plastic surgery, bad hair dye jobs and wishes it were still the good old days with AMC's Gillian Spencer, Dorothy Lyman, etc.)

4. Chrishell7 (Chrishell Stause's Twitter page - she plays Amanda Dillon on All My Children and she, or whoever writes the page for her, seems totally cute and upbeat and down to earth.)

3. PrattFalls (absolutely not-to-missed hilariousness peppered with inspirational quotes that should be ignored at all costs.)

2. The SoapOperaNetwork (it celebrates the world of soaps past, present and future and gives rolling updates on major soaps).

1. Edenriegel (She plays Bianca Montgomery on AMC, drinks tea, bakes and is generally adorably quirky, girly and RTable).


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