Ladies We'd Like To Bring to Life: Sarah Connor

Posted at 1:47 PM Jun 03, 2009

By Geoff George

In light of Terminator Salvation's release and my disappointment with it, I'd like to go back to a better time in the series' history.  Let's remember a woman who wasn't simply tough for five minutes before clinging to a man for survival.  Let's remember a woman who didn't sit pregnant and worried for a whole film while men went off to war.  Let's remember Sarah Connor, John's mother.

Yes, in the original Terminator, Sarah Connor is just a wispy waitress in need of saving by Kyle Reese, John's father from the future.  She cries, she falls for Reese, and she gets pregnant.  Even by the end of that film, though, she's fighting her way through a factory to take out Schwarzenegger's T-800 by herself.

By the beginning of T2: Judgment Day, she's a veritable badass, capable of raising her son on her own while turning ripped, resourceful, and vigilant. She still runs screaming from the T-800 in the psych ward, but anyone would do that.  C'mon.  It's an unstoppable killing machine.  Otherwise, she's the very paragon of a maternal ass-kicker, taking down security guards, setting explosives, and trying to figure out what will become of her son.  I can only imagine the writers kept her out of the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines because they realized she was a hell of a lot more interesting than John Connor ever was.

Sure, in the real world she'd probably seem a little intense, spending most of her time warning us all about Skynet, but damn if she wouldn't be a hell of a lot more capable than any of the other women in this series.  If I ever end up in a post-apocalyptic futurescape, it's Sarah Connor, and not her son, that I want by my side.


Anna said:

I'd like to think of Sarah Connor in the real world as being the chick who gives it to you straight with no tolerance for bullshit. I would hire her immediately as a personal trainer. Eff the "Biggest Loser" and Jillian - Sarah would have you ready for battle in six weeks or less.

Keith said:

I've heard they brought it back after cancelling it. Oh well, Sarah Connor is my ideal woman, even given how damn scary she can be everyonce in awhile.

David said:

Unfortunately, the target audience (who thought the latest movie was awesome) more than likely were ten years old when T2 came out - and never saw either the kickass Sarah nor the tearjerk ending.

Hasta la!

amarygma said:

I think I was 10 when T2 came out... and because I had an older brother I loved it. Fave movie. So sad. I cried at the end. Throughout my teenage years I craved Linda Hamilton arms.

Calvin said:

I disagree with Dave here. Kids who had not seen T-2 were not the target audience of that movie. If you have not seen T-2, then you don't deserve to watch action movies. It changed the genre. Everyone has seen that. There is no demographic "Action Fans Who Haven't Seen T-2." A dozen people will write crappy responses below me claiming to have never seen T-2. Fine. People who will PAY to go see an action movie in the theaters have ALL already seen T-2.

SJ said:

Sarah Conner is overrated, she was a complete psycho most of the time in T2.

Laura Roslin is a better choice I think.

PeterMontee said:

I do not see your logic

Enduche said:

Афигенно в тему, спасибо автору!


Все очень-очень здорово. Давно такое не читала. Спасибо)

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