Ladies and gents, meet our intern!

Posted at 1:20 PM Jun 01, 2009

By Andrea Grimes and Geoff George

In our ever-expanding effort to bring you, dear readers, more thoughtful content, pictures of cats and celebrity rants, Heartless Doll is proud to announce that we've taken on our very first slave intern! Who is this go-getting young person clearly desperate for any byline available? The prestigious University of Missouri journalism department's own Geoff George. (Yes, it's a boy! Don't judge--he's the only one who applied.)

I asked Geoff to introduce himself, so I'll let him take over from here. What say you, Mr. George?

Hello, dolls--
Geoff George here, your humble 25-year-old journalism student and intern from The University of Missouri, by way of Iowa.  For about a week now I've been telling people I'll be researching and writing for a "feminist blog."  This term usually turns them quiet, and their eyes register something between confusion and suspicion, and I try to explain (badly) that it's a blog about "ladythings," a discussion area for pop culture and political stories about women and of interest to women.

  "And you're writing for it," they say.
  " ... Yeah."
  " ... Huh."

Obviously, half their confusion is based on the fact that I'm a dude, but let's face it: There's no universal definition for feminism, and a lot of people just aren't sure what it means when something is described as "feminist."  It brings up questions, even for me.  Can men be included? Is it more a fight for power or for equality? Does that question miss the point?  Am I actually allowed to refer to the readers here as "dolls", or is that insulting?  What if I say something else insulting?  Is it even correct to call this blog feminist?
To use some buzzwords, there's a lack of crosstalk between communities, a semi-entrenchment toward what is most comfortable and known, and my hope is that, by being here, I can keep myself from contributing to that problem.  I'll be posting while keeping my other eye on your comments, and I'll try to disprove my supposed allegiance to a hegemony I never asked to be a part of.  That said, thanks for including me in the conversation, and I look forward to the summer.

Let's give Geoff a doll-worthy welcome. He'll be doing some link-goodness roundups for us and also writing weekly features that I also hope will make for bigger and better conversations about what it means to be a feminist.


Jason said:

Wait just a minute... this is a feminist blog... i feel so violated... how dare you...

*goes to the corner to cry

BorgQueen said:

Awww, welcome Geoff.... yes you can call us dolls but since we can't really call YOU a doll we have to think of a nickname.

And for the record, men can definitely be feminists, the same way a straight person can be for gay rights.


David said:

Geoff - welcome to the HeartlessDoll-house.

Orangutan said:

You're a brave, brave man, Geoff. Best of luck. :)

BorgQueen: Maybe he can be HeartlessActionfigure? ;)

Geoff said:

Thanks, BorgQueen (am I to be "assimilated" into the site?), David, and Orangutan. Happy to be here. For now, you can just call me "intern."

Jennifer Mathieu said:

It takes a real man to be a feminist. Welcome to the blog, Geoff! xoxo Jennifer

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