Our Girl Friday: Tracy Grimshaw

Posted at 8:30 AM Jun 19, 2009

By Geoff George

Ever have a completely innocuous conversation with a minor acquaintance where maybe a few small digs are exchanged, and then a day later the minor acquaintance goes and maybe says something a little harsher behind your back to someone else, and then that someone else brings it back to you, and then other people start coming out of nowhere to put their two cents in about the whole spiraling situation? Tracy Grimshaw, an Australian television journalist and host of A Current Affair, got to experience this on a national level when Hell's Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay trashed her at a food and wine show on June 6; this after an interview she'd conducted with him the day before.  

Depending on the source you read, Ramsay either called Grimshaw "a lesbian" or didn't, and then went after her looks in a number of ways, including comparing her to a photo you can catch for a split second in this video from the show's second day. 

Needless to say he made remarks of some sort that were ugly and unkind, and watching this video gives a pretty good idea of the sad sort of humor Ramsay likes to run. This is from a food and wine event? What's with the cheap Susan Boyle jokes? Are people positive they didn't pay for a failed Ramsay comedy hour? 

Grimshaw fired back, stating that the chef went after her because she mentioned (briefly, barely) a set of tabloid rumors that he'd had an affair. Here's her seemingly inoffensive original interview with Ramsay plus her response the following week. 

Seems like she's trying a bit hard to channel an Edward R. Murrow address, but her sentiment's still a good one. Don't use "lesbian" as an insult, please, don't make cheap shots behind my back, and don't come on the program if you don't want to be asked questions.

There's a perverse amusement to be found in observing the backtrack of people paid to act like assholes and amp up the attitude (I would put Gordon Ramsay in the same company as Simon Cowell, Judge Judy, Nancy Grace, etc). But, the whole thing got a little ridiculous when (and this might tell you something about the Australian people) the Prime Minister offered his two cents, calling Ramsay "a new form of low life." 

The Hell's Kitchen chef has since apologized, more for the fact that he feels his remarks were exaggerated than because he genuinely feels bad. He also explained that the doctored photo of the quadruple-chested woman with a pig's nose and ears was part of a swine flu gag.  

... right ... funny.


Susan said:

My friend who spent time in Australia swears that Texas and Australia are the same place. I'm not saying the governor of Texas would put in his two cents on something like this, but he did threaten to secede.

David said:

Celebrities using the media to get snippy with each other?

My stars and gardens - what will come next?

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