Women Who Make Us Ask WTF?: Tori Spelling

Posted at 8:30 AM May 26, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

Okay, so I'm sorry you grew up like a poor little rich girl, and I'm sorry you had a Bad Mommy, and I'm sorry Daddy died and only left you a little bit of his money (which is still a lot if you ask me), but seriously, girl, what is up with you?

I don't understand Tori Spelling.  And I actually read her book sToritelling (which I purchased at the airport in a fit of insanity fueled by those big chewy pretzels they sell from those carts plus two gin and tonics at the airport bar).  Anyway, I read sToritelling and still don't quite understand why this woman continues to get her own television shows where she coos at her greasy husband and runs around getting book deals (two of them!), selling jewelry on the Home Shopping Network, and running an inn or whatever.

I wonder if she ever considered just going to college and becoming a CPA or an insurance underwriter or a teacher or something?

Plus, she's gotten crazy, freaky skinny lately.  So skinny her fake ta-tas look even more fake if that is even possible.  At the same time, I cannot look away from this insanity.  I found myself watching one of her reality shows this weekend where she and her hubby had a housewarming party and RuPaul was a guest.  As I sipped a beer and watched the madness, I wondered what had happened to me that compelled me to sit on a couch and watch Donna hold her baby and play in the pool and chat with a six-foot drag queen who looked better than her.

Anyway, I know this is just an evil, nasty rant, and I'm sure if I grew up in a mansion with Candy Spelling I'd have issues, too.  That said, I cannot help but look at this woman and just think...WTF? 


Andy said:

to the
to tha

Nikki said:

+ she's an unrepentant homewrecker who is publicly super nasty to her husband's ex-wife for no reason


FuryOfFirestorm said:

I've ben a fan since she played Screech's girlfriend Violet on Saved By The Bell (God, i'm old!). She's a living combination of plane crash,train wreck and car pileup, and I can't look away. Partying with Tori and Ru? I'm SO there!

emily said:

hey nice articule

Esbat said:

I am rage personified.

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