Women Who Make Us Ask WTF?: Nancy Grace

Posted at 9:00 AM May 19, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

Nancy Grace scares the Hell out of me.  Seriously.  It's like I half expect her to come knocking on my door at any given moment and accuse me of being a Tot Mom Killer.  And I don't even have any children.

At the same time, I'm sort of unable to stop watching her.  Her Southern-belle lilt mixed with her Hard.  Hitting.  Delivery.  With.  Lots.  Of.  Important.  Pauses has some sort of hold on me and the millions of others who watch her nightly program on CNN Headline News.  Sure, she's gotten a bad rep for supposedly driving a woman to suicide with her tough questioning, and she has no problem embarrassing herself by asking totally inappropriate questions of teenage crime victims like Elizabeth Smart.  But little mix-ups like that don't stop our Nancy!

It's her self-righteous anger and obsessive use of rhetorical questions that really makes me wild.  The way she blusters and heaves and shakes her finger at people who are still technically innocent until proven guilty.  And I love her criteria for determining what cases she'll cover.  Missing white lady?  Covered!  Dead babies (or "tots" as she prefers to call them)?  Covered!  Photos of her twins?  Covered!

Yes, that's right...Nancy's twins have their very photo gallery section on her show website, so if you're desperate to see two babies celebrate St. Patrick's Day, never fear.  Nancy's here.

For her braggadocio, her passion, her relentless prosecution of today's truly sexy crime stories, I can simply only look at Nancy and ask...WTF?


BorgQueen said:

OMG Nancy Grace scares the holy bejeezus out of me. I am convinced if you look too long into her wonky eye(s) you will turn to stone, or burst into flames or something.

Lshygirl5 said:

Nancy Grace does scare me, and I think it is stupid that she is always so righteously angry about the cases she covers when she only looks at the cases of cute white children, but I have no problem with her having tons of pictures of her kids on her website. She loves her babies and wants to show pictures about them, what is wrong with that? I'm not going to look at them because I don't want to see eight million pictures of her babies, but the fact that she has a ton of pictures of her kids on her site is not one of the things that make me say "WTF?" about her.

Nancy Grace said:

Nancy Grace is a terrible monster

Paul said:

Do not worry,one day someone from outside will take care of

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