Kate Gosselin, cheating? The eight take on more emotional weight!

Posted at 2:00 PM May 13, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Since you people can't get enough of the Gosselin family news, here's more fluffy snackage for your gossip hole: according to Us, Kate's having an affair with the family's bodyguard! The family has a bodyguard!? That's a whole other post. Sure, the kids need to be protected, but it sounds like the biggest threat to their well being might be their own parents.

Sayeth the celebrity bible that is Us:

"Kate Gosselin stepped out with her bodyguard Steve Neild in Maryland Tuesday night -- as Us Weekly exclusively reveals they have in "inseparable" relationship that causes friends -- and even her husband, Jon -- to wonder if they're having an affair. "He threatened to hire a private investigator," a family source informed by Jon tells the new issue of Us..."
The phrase "stepping out" is so vague as to render the charges of cheating practically meaningless, but then again, meaningless accusations are what keep Us and the other celeburags in business.

The weirdest part are the photos, wherein Kate looks more like Victoria Beckham than the frazzled mother of multiples she plays on her "reality" show. Maybe channeling Lady Becks means she's gonna get a new haircut. That thing is getting stanky.


FuryOfFirestorm said:

Guess she got tired of busting Jon's balls and found a new pair to step on.

Alex said:

Did anyone really care about these people before the alleged cheating?

Too bad the show will probably end...it was the only reality show I've seen that reached comical levels of awkwardness rivaling an episode of Curb or The Office.

Jeff Manley said:

I say fuck that whole family.

They chose to make their lives crazy. There are other TLC families with show and those people haven't gone batshit nuts...

coffee plz said:

people should stop trying to copy Kate Gosselin's hairstyle; she's one of the few people in the world who can pull it off

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