"Chastity Bra" keeps chastity in check

Posted at 3:36 PM May 14, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

For anyone who dug Maid Marian's chastity belt in Robin Hood: Men In Tights but thought it didn't have enough midi-playing capabilities and wacky Japanese affectation, the "chastity bra" is here.

The folks over at MyDisguises broke my chastity bra cherry, and now I'm happy to deflower you, dear readers:

The get-up comes with a ring that unlocks the bra. But how does wearing a bra keep you "chaste?" Methinks somebody in Japan doesn't know where the girlhole is.


Kayla said:

The 1950's mom in me wants those oven mitts.

L said:

Um... it's not a chastity bra. It's a "konkatsu" bra, "konkatsu" meaning marriage hunt. The word is a pun of sorts on the Japanese word for job hunting, and "konkatsu" is currently a big fad here in Japan, where people go on multiple arranged dates trying to find a husband or wife. I saw this on the news (I currently live in Japan) and it's just a joke; it will not be mass produced or sold.

FuryOfFirestorm said:

Maybe it's supposed to keep Chastity Bono from fondling your breasts?

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