10 Most Terrifying Things About Nancy Grace

Posted at 5:00 AM May 27, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if one of the horsemen of the apocalypse turns out to be CNN's true crime pundit, Nancy Grace. For truly it is written: One shall come upon a box of shining light, with hair of gold and eyes of crazy. She shall shoulder the world's pain, and she shall shoulder ponderous suit jackets.

Ever championing the missing white woman, ever judging those that need be judged, Nancy's is one of the most terrifying presences on modern television--right up there with the ShamWow guy. Prepare thyself with holy water--or a whiskey--and read on for the ten most terrifying things about Nancy Grace.

10. Her knack for faux empathy

If there's one thing Nancy Grace cares about, it's appearing to care. Listen to the strained, concerned whine as she tries to whittle away at kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart:

9. She consistently redefines "holier than thou"

It's bad enough that this lawyer uses common sense to disagree with Grace's extreme nuttiness--but he has the nerve to stutter, too! Heinous holier-than-thou mocking at 1:06.

8. Her complete and total unpredictability

You'd expect Nancy to go right-wing batshit over Miley Cyrus' sexy amateur shots, right? Well, she did--but on her way to going right-wing, she went no-wing, defending Miley's right to be shot in a wet t-shirt in the shower. What could possibly be sexual about that?

7. Her complete lack of relevancy filter

Sure, it's a crime show, so you figure practically anything to do with the law is fair game. But really, Nancy, anything to do with the law? Including some random Hulk Hogan crap? Isn't there a missing white woman out there you need to yammer about?

6. The way she addresses viewers as if they're BFF's

When she's not haranguing guests, Grace greets her audience with the strained warmth of a mother-in-law. Doesn't this sign-off give you the warm fuzzies? No? Though to be fair, it's likely whoever's on the other side of one of Grace's broadcasts is as close a friend as the lady has.


BorgQueen said:

Only 10....?

michellefrommadison said:

Nancy truly is a criminal in every sense of the word, and people have lost their life as a direct result of her unprofessionalism.

John said:

Andrea, at least you can rest easy knowing that if anything ever happened to you (heaven forbid!), Nancy will champion your cause to the very best of her limited ability.

michellefrommadison said:

The only ability Nancy has proven to be successful at is pulling the tab open on her beer cans.

Hi said:

You missed a LOT!
Did Nancy Grace, TV Crimebuster, Muddy Her Myth?

DK said:

Nancy Grace is the worst enemy of American Justice has ever had. She is perfection, everyone else is a criminal! She has a knack for trying people in the press, so that they have no chance in the courtroom.

BETTY said:

Yes, Ms. Grace is so drippy sweet when one of her foolish fans is drooling all over her as to how great she is and how beautiful her twins are, and in the next second, she is verbally castrating anyone who did not say what she wants to hear, who dares to disagree with her. And, then there is the Ms. Know It All Grace who knocks herself out to try to impress all with her knowledge and expertise on any given subject. It is a wonder that she is not constantly black and blue from stumbling over her own huge ego. And why many of these "panel guests" return is way beyond me...are they that desperate for a few moments on TV? And now we have Ms. JVM preceding her show, becoming more and more like Ms. Drama Queen Grace. HLN in a recent promo implies that Ms. Grace beat out the "other guy" in ratings amd viewership - inferring MSNBC. Well, many viewers do not get MSNBC - my satellite network, as an example, only offers HLN, so naturally more people are watching HLN!! And finally, have you noticed that Ms. Grace rarely mentions her husband/the twins father, and rarely is he included in any of the many, many pictures she has shown. Poor guy - he probably wants to keep his distance and association as best he can.

sherry frye said:

yep I have to agree with the guilty before trial....how does any one have a chance when they actually go to court???? I'm wondering if she is still married???? never hear about the poor guy???? just the twin thing hmmmmmmmm!

el said:

I like Nancy and watch her show. I think she is very smart and sincere. She tears apart some of the defense attornies because they are such bleeding hearts for the accused rather than considering what their victims went through. With her there is no gray, it is black or white. right or wrong.

Pixie said:

I can't believe that she's allowed to be so rude and insulting to guests, or that people actually interpret her rants as good journalism. She needs to be replaced with someone more balanced and fair in their approach to issues discussed.

Michelle said:


El said:

People people, aren't you more sickened by most newscasters that tell us 200 people died in some tragedy like they are talking about a the weather? Nancy Grace has feelings for these victims and the loved ones left behing. She is smart and classy.

Christine Starr said:

I love Nancy Grace. I think she is fueled with true passion and disgusted by the continuous support many mindless defense attorneys give to the accused. I am not speaking about all defense attorneys, just a lot of them. Even people who hate people seem to "hate her with a passion". I guess any way you look at it a passionate person incites passion. Nancy is a genuine mother. True, she doesn't mention her husband a lot but then again how many people do?! NANCY GRACE TOTALLY ROCKS AND I LOVE "GOODNIGHT, FRIEND". If she truly means so little to you, why bother thinking about her at all? She is both brilliant and beautiful, sensitive and funny; I do think there are those out there who are jealous of her.

Christine Starr said:

Nancy is a very genuine person, feels truly extremely saddened and absolutely furious when children are abused or worse. Notice how many fans she has out there. Everyone calls in and loves her. How many times to other people who receive calls get that..like next to never. There is a reason why Nancy is remarkably popular. She is beautiful, brilliant, passionate and funny. I think it's because she is so great looking that people feel so inclined to make these negative remarks, that and her endless popularity cause most negative rants about Nancy to stem from jealousy. When you don't like someone don't you have something better to do than constantly criticize her? Nancy rocks!

Anonymous said:

Love her she tells it like it is she should be on news all day she has true concern for abused and missing children she sure gets the word out thats for sure

Williams "Bill" Gates said:

Nancy Grace is the greatest human being of all time.

kimberly said:

nancy grace is a great help to crime victims everywhere. she has a bad attitude but shes dealing with sick murderers, is she supposed to be soft? i definately havent agreed with her tactics,but these familys have nobody,helpless. so commonsense tells us we need about 100 more nancy graces. oh and let her show off her kids anyone else would,a lil happiness here.maybe her husband isnt into the hype.if some of you put as much effort into helping instead of being hipocrits ther would be less crime.just me.

Alex said:

I think that Nancy Grace needs to take a flying leap into some true journalism, instead of the garbage that she spews all over the television and internet.
Nancy should be an embedded reporter on the front line of any one of our Afghanistan missions.
I think that she should frequently look at our tactics out in the battlefield as the point person leading the charge into battle.
Go Nancy Go!

MAry said:

Couldn't believe her inflamatory gesture when naming Diana Ross as a backup guardian in Michael Jackson's will! And her comment that "now we know neither parent is the "bio-mom -dad of the two Jackson children". Who gives a shit anyway and did she sneak into a morgue somewhere and do a DNA test? This woman, on a regular basis, shows the apparent reasons why she is not in a court of law. Whatever university she attended must cringe everytime, or anytime, she mentions her connection with same. She is the most self-absorbed, narcissitic, amateur-actor, nut-job on TV today. PLEASE, someone give us a break! Sure, Michael Jackson was probably an addict, Casey Anthony killed her kid, most unsolved crimes were perpetrated by relatives, but, Nancy, honey, YOU are not and never were a "crime victim". We, the TV-viewing public, however, are! Victims of the unending rantings of some whack-job, journalist wannabe, who has a terminal case of post-partum depression. Go ahead, Nancy, put us all out of your misery!!

K said:

those kids cant be michael jacksons bio. My there is a lot of differances,guess nancy uses common sense.Poor taste to bring it up.So if any of your children family was missing or murdered you wouldnt need help,shes crazy yes but it works. Those nut jobs need to be caught we can all agree she does the job good or bad. I believe if you dont have her we will loose a good advacate to stop violence. somewhere out there are people buried,kidnapped tortured,wives killed,who else other than americas most wanted do we have.octomom and all the other ratwings boosters is what makes her show seem a joke.Staying strickly away from celebrity would be best people laughed and speculated on michael jackson for years have a funeral give the man peace.Nancy just needs a better attitude and yes she is a crime victim,her fiance'murdered ,yeah you would have issues too,shes on top quit being mad lol.

K said:

those kids cant be michael jacksons bio. My there is a lot of differances,guess nancy uses common sense.Poor taste to bring it up.So if any of your children family was missing or murdered you wouldnt need help,shes crazy yes but it works. Those nut jobs need to be caught we can all agree she does the job good or bad. I believe if you dont have her we will loose a good advacate to stop violence. somewhere out there are people buried,kidnapped tortured,wives killed,who else other than americas most wanted do we have.octomom and all the other ratwings boosters is what makes her show seem a joke.Staying strickly away from celebrity would be best people laughed and speculated on michael jackson for years have a funeral give the man peace.Nancy just needs a better attitude and yes she is a crime victim,her fiance'murdered ,yeah you would have issues too,shes on top quit being mad lol.

Peanut said:

I think Nancy Grace is a very rude and obnoxious person. She cuts her guest off which is very rude. And the comment she made about Micheal Jackson's mother was very inconsiderate about her and Diana Ross being too old to raise those children. Nancy is grandmother age herself to be raising year old babies. And how old does she think she'll be when her kids are in their teens? She's not a young chicken herself. She is worried about MJ's kids she had better be worrying about her children. She is a bad example for her children with that nasty attitude. She should be called Nasty Grace instead of Nancy Grace.

Jon said:

I agree with Pixie
I can't believe the way she brings in a panel of experts then bad mouths them if they don't say what she wants to hear.

Jumps to a lot of conclusions. I wouldn't want a juror on my trial that watched her show more than once.

Autumn said:

GAH! I was sitting in a restaurant and CNN was on the tube. There was a commercial for a Nancy Grace speaking engagement of some sort and I swear the entire restaurant just said 'God! I hate her...' then again we were in Canada...

Hmmm said:

Christine Starr...are you serious? She is "beautiful" and people are "jealous"? Wow.

Why would anyone be jealous of a middle-aged nutjob with scary bug eyes, a shrill voice, and the countenance of a witch?

I don't hate Nancy, but I do wish that she cared about people besides white girls...because that is mostly all she ever seems to really care about.

Dorothy Leisowitz said:

I think it is in very poor taste for Nancy Grace to keep mentioning a murdered fiance. How will she explain to her children about the love of her life? How does her husband handle the fact that she loved the fiance more than she does him? She even mentioned that she has the fiance's pictures all over her house. What is her rationale?

melisa said:

Mrs.Nancy I would love to see you be a little more heart felt for the famioysometimes,it seems you are jumping toconclusions with the young lady that the little girl is missing a failed the poly test did you ever think that she has a idea but when asked in the test she wasn't gonna state something she doesn't know for sure.How would you feel if it was you?Wouldn't it be easy I think for emotions to be a reason she failed and scared?I sure would be from the way I see it the law is always out to try to put it on the family I feel sorry for that girl she I think is telling the truth!Now Casey Anthony you could tell she was lieing!!I love your show I just would like to see more love and support to some sitiations,not all these cases you do are always gonna be the parents are hiding something!The wotld is so scary now its hard for me to let my kids play outside anymore.Not being rude just a viewers suggestion.Hope you pray about it.God will do the judging for us.

coleen said:

Nancy is passionate about things, especially injustice done. Too many people look the other way. Yes she can be strong and seemingly rude, because she cuts off someone who is tolerate of what is injustice. She is strong and brave and tells truth something most of us do not hear enough of. Nancy has some wisdom and sees through ignorant people. She does not sugar coat anything. Her heart is soft when it needs to be and that we see clearly on the air, but strong and bold as the situation demands.

Moffatt said:

NG is probably the best actress that every hit the stage (and she is in control every night going into millions of homes). I have never seen an actress that can be screaming at top of her lungs, and then bows her head and bats her bug eyes and thank someone for telling her how cute her twins are. Do you ever watch when she claims she was kept up all night by one of the twins, or they gave her a cold. The mothers I know do not complain in the manner she does. This woman does not know the meaning of JUSTICE. She did not use ethics or stay within the law when she was a so called prosecutor. If she was so hot, then why didn't she become the Attorney General for the State of Georgia or for that matter a US Attorney General? You have to have ethics, compassion and uphold the law you swore to uphold. She probably can't even tell you what her oath was. She is pure trash anyway you look at it. Anyone believing that she works for the poor, the children, etc. why don't they demand an exact list of just how many children she has helped (not that she just pictured on her show), but those she really went to bat for. What laws has she sponsored to better the lives of the poor? I BET SHE CAN TELL YOU HOW MUCH MONEY SHE HAS MADE OFF OF THE POOR CHILDREN AND ANYONE ELSE SHE DECIDES TO USE ON HER SHOW?????

Sylvia Moffatt said:

This is to michellefrommadison. Michelle I have seen comments from you inre: Nancy Grace in many many different blogs and "Post our comment" in articles. You make some very interesting comments and I have been reading your comments since about 2005. There have been rumors of her excessive drinking; the children being hurt while she was drinking and of course the fiance lies and her record as an assistant district attorney out of Georgia. We have already documented the inconsistencies about the tale she tells of the true facts concerning her fiance's death, the arrest and trial of same. We have also just about completed the inquiries into her so call record as an ADA and will be publishing these facts as documented from court records etc. If you have any information that we can document about the drinking, the injury of the child when she was drunk, allegedly, please share these with me so we can also document these. This person is a disgrace to the legal system. Also for all the people out there that believe defense attorneys are scrum, then they do not know much about the law. An attorney is bound by his/her oath; to defend anyone, no matter how horrible the crime, with honestly, integrity, and ethically within the law as provided by the Constitution of the U.S. (Yes, the same one that Nancy Grace squeals over and over that she is an expert in the Constitution and it was her specialty in law. That is a clue in its self; as attorneys can not have a specialty in law, they may practice one field more than another, but each attorney (defense and prosecutor)are both bound to uphold the laws. How many people have been charged with horrible crimes (some even convicted) later to find out that they were not the guilty one after all. That is WHY EVERYONE IS ENTITLE TO THE BEST DEFENSE THEY CAN GET, WHETHER IT BE A PRIVATE ATTORNEY OR A COURT APPOINTED ATTORNEY.

At any rate, please give some info that we can trace down to document if some of these rumors are correct. Thanks

platosthoughts said:

Nacy Grace is a psycho. Nothing more nothing less. Her statements are flawed, her approach is always confrontory and her personality is always conflicted. A late marriage shows no one can stand her. Lastly as a lawyer she was a big zero. From some who knows but doesn't care!!!!!

Marci Rose Rozenberg said:

We have to remember that Nancy Grace has her own style and expounds on that style for purposes of RATINGS. I agree that she chastises and, at times, even berates her guests, however, she is bringing the issue of victims and their families to light. She has brought more awareness for children and adults who have been missing or murdered. I believe she is fair in her reporting, as she has reported across all racial lines. It is HER SHOW and she is entitled to her opinions. She is controversial because she shows her emotions and is not afraid of what people think. I happen to enjoy her, although I don't agree with the negative treatment to her guests, I do like the message she is giving to the masses in regards to missing/murdered people. I believe that she can discuss and give updates of her twins, however, she has built a "base" of people who turn in to her show to see those twins who are truly miracles. I believe her story of the fiance, as, it was reported in her bio stories which appeared in People, Good Housekeeping, Newsweek, Time, and other publications. Don't you think if it weren't true, those major publications would have discovered that by now? I believe she IS a very ethical and moral person and tries to live her life as such. She is the first one on her show to say, "I am a sinner" and she doesn't proclaim to be a saint. In fact, she says she is "far from it." As far as the people blogging about her drinking, I really can't believe that. e I believe she would take a bullet for her kids. And, yes, she is an older mother, but, so what? It was her choice to have these kids at the age of 48 and who is to say that is wrong? She is wealthy, in her own right, and can provide very well for them. Her twins will be set for life. And, so what if she doesn't talk about the husband. She is the type of person who keeps much of her personal life private. At least, as much as she can. I just see her as an informative part of the news that I look forward to every night. She is a crusader. That may be strange for some people, but, I do enjoy her, and I know many liberals AND conservatives that just love her. I teach journalism in a high school,and many of my friends watch her, religiously. Only, occasionally, I have heard a few negatives from my friends HUSBANDS, who find her to be "shrewish". Maybe it's a gender thing. Maybe it's how we look at the world. Whatever, there's always the remote to switch to another channel.

Juanita Lara said:

I think Nancy Grace is disliked by many people,only because she speaks the truth! There are so many people out there that are afraid to speak the truth, especially about our so called judicial system.To me our judicial system is so screwed up! We give more rights to these criminals that have "NO RESPECT" for human life.Our court system spends more time worrying about their civil,and humans rights.Well what about us, and our safety.Nancy Grace all I can say is THANK YOU!!!for being who you are, because if you are making people angry ,your doing something right.

Mindo said:

Bottom line is that nancy grace scares the "you know what" out of me. Aside from the disrespect that she shows towards her guests, the sneer on her face and the pure distain in her eyes is disturbing. Maybe it is all an act but, if not, I hope they pay her guests very well to come on her show and be verbally abused. She creeps me out!

Christina said:

I personally love Nancy, and those guests that come on the show and get owned by her? Well, all I have to say about that is what did they expect upon coming on her show. She's opinionated and a total victim's advocate and I adore her for that!

JackyD said:

Fuck nancy grace. She is the most obnoxious and rude person I've ever met. I wish Ted Bundy was still alive and would kidnap her. Maybe tie her up and make her eat her own feces. She deserves no better.

Anonymous said:

Nancy Grace is a psychotic, rude, loud, obnoxious, bug-eyed, fake witch. She is a never-ending mouth and she whines constantly, not to mention cuts everyone off that she disagrees with. She loves one thing: herself getting all of the attention! She thinks she's so brilliant but in truth, smart means being smart enough to not talk incessantly!!!! Really Nancy??? Less is more!!! STFU already!!!!

grrammmpa spatula said:

Nancy Grace is awesome. She is not a criminal. She grills the hell out of all the guests, thats the point of her show. She does not have the power to make someone kill themselves. sHE WAS probably already suicidal, her daughter was missing for chrissakes.


Dorothy Moore said:

Nancy Grace is Nancy disgrace in our house... she is the most arrogant rudest person I have ever seen .. and those puppets that sit and and allow her to abuse them I'll never understand .. why doesn't someone tell her off..

anne said:

SO SICK of Nancy Graceless! She asks defense attornies for their opinions and then yells "Stop, Stop, Stop" when they disagree with her. She should be booted off the air!
She uses her twins in every example of what a great mother she is compared to Everyone else on the planet!

Nancy sux said:

Nasty Rage ia a pig. The way she condesends and screams until she gets the answer she wants disgusts me. She lies to make herself a victim, if she was that affected by her fiancée death she would know that case inside and out. I hate the way she constantly talks about those homely twins like she's the best mother in the world, and no one else can measure up. She's got nannys. She has no idea what it's like to be a struggling working mother. Nasty should just remember that what goes around comes around, and she will get hers for the hell she's put people through.

Christine Barron said:

My name is Christine Barron. I am a sr at The College of New Jersey, formerly Trenton State. I am writing a term paper on the Nancy Grace show. I read your posting on Grace. I know you will be an excellent source for my paper. I hope you can help. The main focus of my paper is if Nancy Grace has a "white girl" bias on her show, where she only reports on missing white girls on children. I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Thanks bunches!

Donna said:

I think Nancy Grace should tame it down.
She is to the point of rudeness with her guests when she doesn't agree with them and she constantly interupts them.
Her comment "unleash the lawyers" I find offense its as if she is talking about a bunch of dogs.
After all she invited them on her show then she treats them like they don't know anything and what they say doesn't matter.

Katarina valente said:

I just logged into this website out of curiosity when trying to find the link of Nancy Grace's that discloses info and photos of sexual offenders by zip code efficiently and fast. Why don't all of you commenting here GET A LIFE WORTH LIVING!

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