The ranch dip conundrum

Posted at 1:00 PM Apr 30, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Ranch dip is the most wonderful thing I can think of, besides kittens and whiskey and The Sopranos.

And yet, it seems that ranch dip gets a bad rap. People scoff when I dip my pizza in ranch, and they scoff when I dip my wings in ranch. But I'm telling you what--if I could dip ranch in ranch, I would do it.

Worst of all, ranch has an unfortunate association with sorority girls. Here in Texas at least, eyes roll when I order ranch on the side of my sandwiches, salads and Pad Thai. "I didn't know you were a Mega Slutta Slutta!" People joke. People are cruel.

I think ranch dip deserves better than to be associated with some bimbo stereotype. Ranch gives so much, and asks so very little back. All ranch says is, "Will you pour this powdery goodness into a tub of sour cream and enjoy my creamy deliciousness sliding across your tongue?" Sure, there's a joke to be made here about sorority girls and creamy deliciousness and a related possible explanation for why ranch has the aforementioned unfortunate association. But I'm a classy lady, and I'm not going to make that joke. Because we're just talking about how awesome ranch is.

Readers, am I alone in my love of ranch?


Nace said:

I actually highlighted this very issue in my very first blog post. While I may have taken my argument to the extreme contrary, I do feel that my vitriol may be a bit misguided. Just because I hate ranch dressing/dip and consider it the milk of the infidel does not mean that it is not permissible for others to disagree. Enjoy my differing opinion at and check out my subsequent posts if you so choose. One love!

Jeni said:

You are not alone. I mix ranch into rice, mashed/baked potatoes, french fries. Come to think of it, ranch goes perfectly with any starch. Not to mention chicken nuggets, pizza, and sometimes if I'm in a really wacky mood I even put it on my salad.

John said:

Really, pad thai??

I'm a bleu cheese man myself. Not sure why they spell it that way either.

David said:

Unfortunately, I worked at the first Doubledave's Pizzaworks in Houston and that ruined any affection that I previously held for ranch dressing up to that point.

I made gallons and gallons of the stuff - (their secret ingredient - buttermilk).

Ranch is still my go-to dressing when I order a salad, but these days it's a "flavor enhancer" rather than a bowl of ranch that happens to have a few lettuce leaves in it.

Bleu Cheese is for hot wings. Only. Why else would it exist?

okami hime said:

When I was little and school cafeterias actually cooked real food, they would put out a potato bar- and would pour Ranch all over. It is also the best way to get rid of left overs on the edge of poison.
My husband scoffed- now he is worse them me. His evil is pizza bites heavy with the good stuff.

We don't have a stereotype for Ranch in NC- never got a weird look for ordering it.

Esbat said:

Ranch goes with almost anything. Its the black of the comdiment world. Avocado + Ranch = South Texas Treat

ctrees said:

I quite like ranch (though not as much as some of you...), but the first thing that came to mind on reading this was

There's an astonishing amount of ranch there, I may point out...

Keith said:

Anyone curious how much people love Ranch in Texas and other southern states, but the stuff is made in California? Get a least that's where Hidden Valley is.

el said:

Ranch is good on everything.

Jon said:

Bleu Cheese > Ranch by far.

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