Heartless Doll brings you a tax day Classy Cocktail with the Girl On Top!

Posted at 12:20 PM Apr 15, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

I've certainly made no secret on this blog of my affinity for a cocktail or twenty--and like any good lush, I mask functional alcoholism under the guise of being a "cocktail enthusiast." So I'm proud to bring you the latest in a series of silly videos called "Classy Cocktails with the Girl On Top" that I've been producing with Austin comedian Bob Khosravi over the past year. (Yasee, "Girl On Top" was the name of the column I used to write ages ago, and the name kind of stuck.) I know you're shocked to find out that a couple of unemployed wannabe comedians produce mediocre comedy videos about alcohol.

This edition of Classy Cocktails features a special version of the rather well known income tax cocktail ... kinda ... sorta. Alright, just have a gander--after you've made sure Uncle Sam's cashola is in the mail.


David said:

Aww.....so cute. "I need a drink"

I'm glad I was able to watch the clip in HQ on YouTube, otherwise I would have missed the giant wiener that you drew on that poor girl's W-2.

Andrea said:

Thanks, David:)

Frode Svendsen said:

I would just like to add, that, since I'm regular employee, all I had to do was log into a website, give the numbers a once over and click a button. Taxes done, and I already know I will get about 16000 kroner (aprox. 2300$) in tax-return! Yay me :)

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