Bowling is a classy sport for classy ladies

Posted at 3:30 PM Apr 09, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

If the New York Times can be condescending about how fashionable and trendy it is to be blue collar and broke, I feel as though HeartlessDoll can be cheerleady about how badass bowling, long a working class pastime, actually is.

Right now--like, right this minute--the USBC women's bowling championships are taking place in ... wait for it ... Reno! Reno! Of course the women's bowling championships are in Reno. While some may see Reno as the sad little sister of Vegas and HQ to a pack of the world's most incompetent cops, it's currently improving in my eyes by being the home of begloved ladies throwing big balls around.

I can't find any web video of the current championships, but here's the 2007 Malaysian team kicking ass to some very, very tense music.


Jane said:

Hey, guess where they bowled 3 years ago?
Guess where they'll be bowling 3 years from now?
That's the deal with the Bowling Stadium in Reno - they get to host both of the USBC national tournaments every third year!

andrea said:

That's awesome, Jane. Reno is teh perfect for this thing.

JC said:

Oh man, this makes me think of the ending of Kingpin.

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