American Apparel branches out into hipster mommydom

Posted at 9:22 AM Apr 23, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

We have known American Apparel czar Dov Charney was a pervandahalf for a long, long time. We also know that he doesn't give a fuck, now shut up and put on this leotard that will make you look like a fat hooker. (Thanks, Jezebel!) But now, with American Apparel's new line of clothing for pregnant chicks, we know something far, far more valuable about Dov Charney: he knows absolutely nothing about women. He maybe has not even met one.

How do we know?

Because that new American Apparel maternity line? Yeah, it appears to be the exact same other spandex finery they sell at a ridonk price point, except modeled on a cute pregnant girl. Apparently it's easier to stuff a poor soon-to-be mom in an outfit there's no way she could get out of in a dire pee emergency than to sew a few extra inches of fabric into a spandex jumpsuit and call it maternity wear. (This makes some sense, since AA seems to be low on fabric, what with their largest size fitting like Barbie clothing on anyone who's been through puberty and all.)

Just a few of issues off the top of my head: I suspect that any woman who does look good in AA clothing--both of them--would be mortified to think that the same things they wear could be worn by a pregnant lady. Also, AA's marketing the high waist skirt to pregnant ladies? Really? Because the one thing they don't have much of at the moment is ... a waist. And someone explain to me how the ruched front tube bra is going to support a couple of sore, engorged breasts?

I mean, if any of AA's stuff is comfy and workable for pregnant ladies, I totally think they should wear it and rock it and reject all the mom-frump that's out there. But I'll be damned if there isn't something creepy about this marketing ploy.


Michelle said:

I appreciate the idea of American-made clothing and paying workers a living wage, but American Apparel's whole vibe (and, yes, their sizing) has rubbed me the wrong way for a long time. The brand identity seems to focus on the fetishizing of young, often underage-looking, women. Sex sells, sure, but the leering, voyeuristic images from the company seem at odds with the company's do-gooder philosophy.

cgeye said:

It's like he knocked a few employees up, but still has to pay them in clothing or something.

andrea said:

ohgod, dov charney devilhipsterbabies.

horror movie.

kat said:

I wouldn't wear a unitard in any condition, much less pregnant. I also like how the pregnanat models have obviously been told to look sexy but hey! they're pregnant! not that prego can't be sexy but it's certainly not the same kind of sexy as those wee, drugged out models they usually use.

Doctress Julia said:

My rich, entitled princess room mate wears this shit. I've told her about Dov Charney's 'antics', but to no avail. I hate her anyways.

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