Ladies of the World: quit with the Ugly Glasses, will you?

Posted at 4:00 PM Mar 05, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Ladies of the World,

It seems the concepts "ugly" and "ironic" have become confused in Hipster Lore. And while I have been happy to ignore the Hipster Mullet and star tattoos due to the fact that those things are more sad than anything else, I cannot continue to live in a world where pretty girls put on stupid, ugly plastic glasses in the name of Hip.

It was bad enough when you forgot your pants, but slapping some plastic glasses on your face only says "short bus," no matter what Vice tells you. I was especially saddened to see this awful trend immortalized on The Sartorialist today in a photo of a girl from Milan, featuring unrelenting commenter support re: that crap on her face.

There's nothing wrong with vision correction or celebrating your geekiness. However, ugly plastic glasses very likely neither correct your vision nor celebrate your geekiness, they merely make you look like a narcissistic twit who wants to be told how pretty she is despite them. Ladies of the world, ugly plastic glasses are over--if they were ever happening at all--and it's time to find another ubiquitous trend with which to assert your individuality.



viedolce said:

Personally, I think they're sort of sexy.

Sharon said:

I'm a spec-wearer, and I actually love the frames the girl is rockin' on The Sart. I like the ugly-cool frames trend over all...But I could be biased because I'm just really excited to see how into glasses people are again. Contacts are no longer the be-all end-all! Which is nice.

SammyC said:

I agree with Grimes. Silly, narcissistic, not attractive.

Keith said:

I can speak for my sister who hated those damn gigantic 80's plastic glasses. Not everything from the 80's has to come back (ie. painter's caps, parachute pants, etc).

I hate them too. completely unattractive. The modern glasses today can be a turn on in a sexy librarian way.

Sharon: I'd love to be on board with you on the glasses love. I've got to stick to my contacts and their uncomfortable irritating itchy glory. Otherwise, I'd be wearing two hubble telescope lenses on my eyes. Hard to find frames to fit those.

Lauren said:

I made the mistake of buying men's "Johnny Depp" glasses on fred flare thinking I had bought ladies. The shape looked perfect and I thought they would be a nice alternative to my "tina fey" glasses.

They are huge and ironic. But, I wore them on Saturday and got a TON of compliments. Now I'm torn.

Colby said:

Part of me agrees and part of me does not agree. I think the ugly glasses are appropriate for certain looks. If you shop at Hot Topic, Charlotte Russe or Forever 21, get them off. But if you're actually individualistic (and not copying what you saw in Cosmo) I don't mind dorky glasses. But not like the big, black rimmed, I-can-get-these-anywhere glasses. Those get on my nerves. But if you're gonna wear ugly glasses to be different A: They actually have to be UGLY. Not Ray Ban glasses (or Ray Ban knock-offs) B: It would be GREAT if you actually need glasses. Like me. Mine are ugly, but that's because they were cheap and I'm a broke college student.

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