Girl Crush: Nancy Northup

Posted at 9:57 AM Mar 25, 2009

By Kathleen Willcox

The Food and Drug Administration is making the morning after pill available without a prescription to women 17 and older, thanks to Nancy Northup's indefatigable efforts.

A federal court has ruled that the FDA caved to pressure from the Bush administration to require a minimum age of 18 to get Plan B over the counter (the Senate confirmation of Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach as the agency's commissioner was reportedly threatened to be held up indefinitely unless the FDA played ball).

In Judge Edward Korman's ruling, he urged the FDA to consider lifting all age restrictions on over-the-counter sales of the pill.

Northrup, the president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which filed the suit against the agency, called the ruling a "complete vindication of the argument that reproductive rights advocates have been making for years, that in the Bush administration it was politics, not science, driving decisions around women's health."

The FDA has 30 days to comply with the ruling. Dr. Susan Wood, who headed up the agency's Office of Women's Health but quit in protest over the FDA's handling of the situation, called the decision a chance to "restore the scientific integrity of the F.D.A."


Keith said:

Isn't it awesome that everything the Bush administration worked for (ie. no stem cell, G'tmo Bay, Iraq War, morning after pill, destroying the economy) is slowly but surely being reversed. Ah, 2009 is going to be a good year!

Jay said:

Yea, Good luck explaining that to God almighty at the judgement Gal,Love you

teresa said:

AMEN Jay. they still dont think of GOD. they have a reckning day coming, & because they dont beleive it dont make it true. gonna be a terrible day when his love for them & warnings come to an end.GOD have MERCY on us all

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