Australian beer does the clothing removal for you

Posted at 7:54 AM Mar 20, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

For too long, America--I'm thinking Vegas--has been the home of tacky marketing ploys that involve women taking their clothes off. Lighters, shot glasses, if somebody can figure out how to get a girl topless with a shake or a flick, she'll be on some souvenir, tits a-blazing. Not to be outdone, two drinky Australians with a dream have created a beer called Skinny Blonde whose label reveals a naked lady once you've drunk it all.

And they do mean drunk it all:

Ms Lee said that the beer, which has an alcohol content of 5.2%, was equally as popular among men and women - men for the bikini factor and women for the taste and that it was a 'healthy' beer.  ... "We wanted to make a beer that you can have several of rather than ales which you have one or two then you move on," Mr Rosser, who has a degree in chemical engineering, said.

What I like: not making any bones about wanting people to binge on your beer. What I don't like: naked chicks on my beer. Also, who in the world is being kidded into drinking "healthy" beer? The stuff kills you. There's no good way to destroy your liver, and only people who have come to terms with it should be binging on naked lady beer. Me and my liver talked this over years ago, so I feel qualified to comment.

Although it's an interesting way to sell a low-carb wuss beer to men. I mean, when's the last time you saw a man drinking Bud Select? To be fair, you have to have lost all your tastebuds in the war to be able to stomach the stuff, but still. But all you've gotta do is slap a naked lady on your "healthy" beer, and suddenly it's manly.

Don't get excited, Westerners. There's no distro deal in the UK or US just yet.

[Via TimesUK]


skoobs said:

What's this? A feminist offended at something harmless and playful? Color me shocked.

andrea said:

Skoobs - I think "offended" might be a little strong. Let's substitute "offended" with "pretty sure this is the tackiest thing ever."


David said:

"[W]hen's the last time you saw a man drinking Bud Select?"

Isn't that some sort of oxymoron?

SammyC said:

Tackier than everything in Vegas?

andrea said:

Ooo, SammyC. You got me. There is none more tacky.

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