An open letter to you--yes you!

Posted at 6:00 AM Mar 24, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Dear Heartless Doll Reader,

OMG, can you believe how much we drank/that dude we met/what Jenny's boyfriend said last week/yesterday/in high school? And my, doesn't that shirt/dress/Star Trek uniform look lovely on you this morning! I'm so glad we're besties.

In the interest of remaining besties, we Dolls are trying to make ourselves ever more accessible to you, our lovely readers. That means we've got two new ways to keep in touch, and neither of them involve daiquiri-laden girls' nights out or getting pedis ... not in this economy, anyway. No! We're all about the intert00bs, and we reckon you are, too.

So, if you're a Twitter fiend, please consider following HD's twat-a-twitter, where we will bring you post update nuggets and random observations from HDland. And if you're looking for yet another person to nag all day while your friends with real jobs are in meetings, hit up HD on AOL Instant Messenger, SN "HeartlessDollVVM." For the time being, I'll be running both the Twitter and the AIM, so there's no need to be scared of getting some soulless flak in place of a warm, loving Heartless Doll who wants to hear all about your news tips and fun things.

As a kind of sealed-with-our-own-blood-and-spit-and-Blanche digital handshake, please take a moment and watch this awesome Golden Girls clip with me.

Thank you for being a friend,


Teagan Blackthorne said:

Do not forget the Plurk world. ;)

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