10 Twitter Celebs Who Will and Won't Reply to Your Tweets

Posted at 5:00 AM Mar 05, 2009

By Bonnie Ruberg


Now that Facebook is old news and Twitter is the new media buzzword, we TV watchers and Internet readers have been hearing a lot about the wave of celebrities who've introduced microblogging into their super fancy lives. For most people, it seems, this is interesting because it gives fans a window into celebs' innermost thoughts -- or at least what they had for lunch.

The whole Twitter celeb thing fascinates me, though, because it gives us a chance to talk back to famous people -- and those stars might actually listen. Heck, some of them will even respond. Unlike fan mail, which gets filtered through PR companies and beefy bodyguards, tweets land right on a celeb's digital doorstep. How can they ignore that?

Celebrities who will answer your tweets:

5. Adam Savage
Twitter name: donttrythis

Okay, I admit, this whole thing got started because last week I had a dream in which Adam Savage of Mythbusters and I were riding around in a covered wagon with a bunch of puppies. When I woke up, I thought, "Maybe he's on Twitter." He was, so of course I sent him a tweet relaying this exact story. No, he didn't respond, but given his profile track record, if you write him something a little more normal, he probably will.

4. Shaquille O'Neal
Twitter name: THE_REAL_SHAG

Want to know what Shaq calls Coby Bryant? His thoughts on being famous? How to Twitter in ebonics? Just ask the man yourself!

3. Lance Armstrong
Twitter name: lancearmstrong
Sure, he won the Tour de France seven times, plus fought cancer. He still has time to respond to your messages about how much he loves bicycles. And man, does he love bicycles.


2. John Cleese
Twitter name: johncleese
As Cleese himself puts it: not only is he still alive, but he's Twittering. Following the tweets of this beloved member of Monthy Pynthon will not only give you a chance to see a picture of him in a funny hat, it might also get you a cheeky zing. Example: "@someone People clap [for] performers to keep the incidence of suicide as low as possible."

1. MC Hammer
Twitter name: mchammer
Yup, it's that MC Hammer. These days, instead of wearing super puffy pants -- or possibly in addition to that -- he's microblogging about "knocking out some tweets" (very meta) and giving shout outs to his @fans for the "love."


Steven Dixon said:

I have to disagree with the Stephen Fry comments. If the writer of this article din't get a reply from dosn't mean other people don't. I'm not a member of his family or friend circle and i asked him a quick question and he sent a quick and polite direct message. Also i don't what to moan but Stepehen Fry is no jerk.

Hanna said:

Agreed with Mr. Dixon. I've heard back from Stephen Fry and several of my friends have as well. The man only has the busiest schedule in the world and a huge amount of followers.

Give it time and intelligence please.

Trutesh Johnson said:

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Sara said:

I have replied to some celebs and got an answer a few times. Don't know if its the real celebs that reply but sometimes it realy seems like that. Nice twitter site BTW: http://hollytweets.com/ for when you dont have time to login to your account :)

Doc Vimba said:

Kim Kardarshian Should Be On This List

Anonymous said:

You spelled shaq* and kobe* wrong

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