10 Nicknames for Women You Don't Hear Much Anymore

Posted at 5:00 AM Mar 02, 2009

By Jennifer Mathieu

It's been a while since somebody called me a dame. Actually, it's been about 32 years. My whole life and not one man has ever called me a dame. And that's sad, you know? Terms for women that were once common in old-timey, black-and-white films, in which dialogue was delivered a mile a minute and everybody smoked cigarettes (think The Philadelphia Story), are rarely used now. And while I certainly don't long for the days when some male executive could call his administrative assistant "his girl," as he played a game of grab-ass, I admit I have a fondness for the following terms for women.


10. Floozy
This sounds like a sweet drink with ice cream. I mean, I get that it was supposed to reference a woman with loose morals, but a floozy sounds delicious (and maybe she was).  "Could I have a floozy with an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream, please?"  Or it could be the name for an amusement park roller coaster.  "Mommy, please, pleeeeeeease can't I go for another ride on the Floozy? It makes me feel so dizzy!"

9. Broad
To me, this sounds like a compliment.  A broad takes no shit from any man.  A broad lights her own cigarettes, has her own job, and likes dirty jokes.  Where did this term come from, anyway?  The broad side of a barn?  A broad body?  Dunno, but in my opinion, it should be taken as a sign of respect.


8. Dame
As in, "I was talking to some dame, and she gave me the runaround."  Or, "That dame don't know her ass from her elbow."  Or, "That's a pretty classy dame ya got there, Ernie."  I get the fact that in the UK the term dame is used for women of royal status, but here in America it's a little different.  To me a dame is like a broad only she cares a little more about color-coordination, and she always wants to touch up her lipstick in the bathroom.

7. Doll
Like, you're so cute you're someone's doll.  I've tried to bring this one back in my own life, referring to coworkers and gal pals as "doll" when I call them up.  I like to fantasize that James Dean will walk into the bar down the street from my house (my husband is conveniently on vacation), and he gives me a look, orders us drinks, lights my smoke (although I don't smoke), and tells me in a sweet/gruff voice, "How's tricks, doll?"  Siiiiiigh.  Gentlemen, take note: your use of "doll" in a friendly, sexy way is directly related to the rate of your action.

6. Twist
Okay, so I only saw this used in the Coen Brother's film Miller's Crossing (as in, "You're Leo's twist, right?"), but there's something about using the word twist for a woman that implies things she may or may not be able to do in the boudoir, if you get my meaning.  I guess if you're very good, you can be Leo's twist and shout.


Stonecrow said:

I too tried to bring back the term "doll" until I was informed that I was a sexist asshole.

BURN said:

When I was a teenager my grandfather informed me that a broad meant a woman with a very fat ass and to call a woman that does not have a fat ass a broad would be very derogatory.

Keith said:

Something tells me I've got to go w/ Stonecrow on this one. Then again, maybe I can wear an athletic cup and give some of these a try.

MarcusBrazil said:

'Tart' is another old one. Its pretty much a floozy only a little more slutty

BraystreetLad said:

I LOVE BROADS-that is women with big hair,big boobs(bra,36D-40D,girls!!!),great legs and bottom and a desire
for their boy's beef on their first night as a couple!!!!

wizzle said:

i'm personally rather partial to the word bint, which has regrettably fallen out of common use in recent years.
I'm bringing it back for sure.

Sarah said:

My favorite is "devotchka" which is nadsat for "girl."

John said:

You forgot my personal favorite, "hole."

Melikian said:

I like "ankle," myself. And I use over half of these... the older insults are still in effect in some oddball, ranch-y places in the South, but I like them anyway.

Heather said:

I also kinda like 'bird'.

mason said:

I like broad.

My step father uses bird quite abit.

Dennis said:

Nobody's mentioned harlot either. It may not be nice on it's own, but certainly preferable over whore or hooker.

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