What to expect when watching Running In Heels

Posted at 6:28 AM Feb 25, 2009

By Sharon Steel

On March 1, the Style Network will debut Running in Heels, a one-hour docudrama about three interns working at Marie Claire, who also live together in a Soho loft. Of course, the cameras aren't limited to trailing the underlings; they also closely monitored the comings, goings, and conversations of editor Joanna Coles and recently-installed fashion director Nina Garcia. Marie Claire hopes the show will be a brand-building tool in the face of the recession, during which women have cut back on buying everything, including lady magazines.

While it might not directly affect newstand sales, something tells us that the show's main draw will be Coles' screen-time. The hyped flutterings over Marie Claire's push into television repeatedly peg her background as an ambitious and daring mix of Tina Brown meets Glenda Bailey: she arrived in New York as a foreign correspondent for the Guardian, moved to the Times, then to New York, to More magazine, and finally ascended to the top of the masthead at Marie Claire. But she didn't get nicknamed "the Simon Cowell of fashion" just because they both hail from Britain. If you think coffee-fetching internships are dunzo, chew on the fact that interns at the magazine are told not to speak unless they are addressed first. However, over the course of making the show, Coles was shocked to find out about some of the things her staff did say to the interns, which she called "completely ridiculous" and "not appropriate." Then there's this little snippet, recorded by a Guardian writer who profiled the editor and discloses herself as a friend:

She considers her clothes. Fur is no good for meeting students - they might object. Also, her belt clashes with her necklace. "Here's the solution," she says. "Black belt." She mutters something about the fashion closet and calls over an assistant, who scurries off, returning a few minutes later with a belt sized for a small hamster. "It's Oscar," the assistant says, meaning de la Renta. "It's tiny!" Coles retorts. She tries to get it around her waist and hands it back. "That is insulting," she says. "That really is insulting." The assistant goes off to find another.
What is fashion without pain? Our DVRs are set.


meg4fancast said:

I like her. She at least acknowledges the existence of the interns. Running in Heels is actually now on Fancast. Check it out- http://www.fancast.com/tv/Running-in-Heels/101609/1040349026/Running-in-Heels-Premiere-Episode/videos

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