Occasional outrage: sometimes we bleed anger

Posted at 5:20 PM Feb 23, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Hey dudes and men and bros and persons with penises, just totally tune out for a while. There's no possible way you can be interested in this entry. This is likely to be the most boring, gross thing you've ever read. Go play football, like you're supposed to. Because we're going to talk about PERIODS!

Maybe, just maybe, it's the ridiculous treatment given to menstruation by an actual doctor writing for the New York Times that keeps menstruation taboo between the sexes, and not anything that's actually to do with menstruation itself. I can't believe that, in a review of a "My Little Red Book," a book about women's first periods, Abigail Zuger, M.D., had the gall to write this:

"At this point, male readers may want to go outside and toss a ball around for a while. No matter how sympathetic, how curious or how deeply interested in life's little yuck factors you are, this collection is unlikely to hold more than the mildest intellectual appeal for you."

Hey, Doc Zuger, I've got an idea for you: how about not shaming menstruation as something that has a "yuck factor" and talking about how an engaging, funny, witty book might serve as a bridge between the sexes on a subject that has been unnecessarily filed in the "gross" section for way, way too long?

Nah. That would take insight and thoughtfulness and critical thinking. And you're only a doctor, after all. We'd never expect that from you.


Cattleprod said:

I'm more considered by the suggestion that 'readers' should go do something to pass the time instead of just... skipping to the end of the article. It's not a TV show, what the hell?

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