Girl Crush: Jessica Garcia

Posted at 5:00 PM Feb 05, 2009

I'm not going to completely drink the Kool-Aid and attempt to crown Jessica Garcia the next Rosa Parks for the gay movement or anything, but she does serve as an essential reminder of not only how powerful one small act of civil defiance can be, but also how far our country is from openly accepting homosexuality, our wild and enthusiastic embrace of hyperbolically gay TV characters or no.

The 22-year-old Garcia was reportedly arrested for kissing her girlfriend (on the cheek) at the Rolling Oaks Mall in Texas the day after Christmas. After said smooch, the duo was allegedly approached by mall rent-a-cops who, Garcia said, told them that Rolling Oaks was a "family mall" and said they would "kick y'all out" if Garcia and her gal dared participate in such a revolting PDA again.

The couple was later allegedly caught sitting on a bench with their legs intertwined. (I know - can you imagine? How inappropriate!) They were ousted, and while Garcia and her girlfriend initially complied with the order, they decided to re-enter the mall shortly afterward in order to take the quickest route to their car. This is where it gets gray(ish), with Garcia and the officers in question disputing each other's versions of what happened next -- but one thing's clear -- officers ended up charging Garcia with trespassing, resisting arrest and assault on a peace officer.

She's due in court later this month.


carma said:

people save it for the bedroom. A small peck on the cheek is all your partner needs to no that they care about you

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