Occasional Outrage: GameStop sells games to brilliant people and women!

Posted at 8:30 AM Feb 26, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Sometimes, we come across something that's sexist, but it needs a little explaining. Or something that's patriarchal, but perhaps not readily apparent. And then sometimes we come across this GameStop internal instructional video for employees that brags about how they sell games to the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable people on earth ... but now they're also ready to sell to women!

Oh. My. God.

Dude who posted it on YouTube claims it's an actual inside-job instructional vid, but I'm almost unconvinced that in 2009, anyone would be so effing stupid--even a company that shills notoriously female-objectifying video games--as to make something like this.

[Via Consumerist]


Shmedrick said:

OMG! They advocate friendly communication and respectful salesmanship. What misogynists!

Anne Packrat said:

I think if any Gamestop employee used those approaches on me I'd walk out and head over to the Gamecrazy down the street.

I'm a damn gamer and I want to be treated like one. It would have been nice if they'd acknowledged that some women actually can deal with their "gamer jargon."

Anonymous said:

I work at gamestop, we never watch instructional videos

Deborah said:

I think the problem is their promotion where you get a subscription for a year to one of those "girl" magazines. I am a girl and I play games on the DS and the Wii but that doesnt mean I read Cosmo as well. If I buy a DS game I want to play a game not read about how I can please my man.

Deborah said:

I think the problem here is with their promotion where you get a free subscription to a "girly" magazine. I am a girl and I buy DS and Wii games but that doesnt mean I also buy Cosmo. I buy a DS game to play a game not so I can have the opportunity to read about the many ways I can please my man.

Deborah said:

Sorry for double post :)

R3loy said:

Only occasionally do I find a GameStop employee who isn't a complete ass. One time, when paying with my debit card, the clerk told me to wait until he said "ninja-pirate" to enter my PIN. Excuse me, barret-wearing dumbass, but I would like to buy my game without listening to some retard spout gibberish.

sashaisme said:

When I go to Gamestop, I go into kid-in-a-candy-store mode.

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