Dear Diary, M.C. Hammer, "Do you know who you are?"

Posted at 4:00 PM Feb 27, 2009

By Sharon Steel

We've been addicted to Shaq's Twitter for awhile now, but MC Hammer is quickly becoming a top competitor with his own 140-character life-lessons. And with over 100,000 people (and counting!) following @MCHammer, we're pretty sure we're not the only converts. A few of our favorite recent Tweets by Mr. Hammer-time:

On the silver lining in our financial woes:

Even during a recession we have the ability & freedom to create and explore new opportunities, birth new concepts & plant seeds to harvest
On the Tweet-high-club:

WIFI In The Sky... Tweeting in the real "Cloud" !!! does that compute ?
On the other side of fame-whoring:

Celebrity in and of itself is nothing but an empty shell. What did you contribute to society ? Only your works will stand !!
On life's most existential questions:

Do you know who you are ?
No, but we really hope you'll Tweet us all the answers. Why hasn't anyone pitched Hammer and Shaq: Deep thoughts from the Twitterverse as a paperback original? We guess Hammer is too busy being a Silicon Alley mogul to bother with book writing. We have no idea as to why he visited the offices of YouTube three years ago, as seen in the video above. But we love that documentation exists of its occurrence.


dilip said:

There is a fun talk at Stanford Grad School of Business on March 17th. MC Hammer and the manager of Death Cab for Cutie are going to be there among other distinguished panelists from Tapulous, Mozes…
Check it out…

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