American women according to the Harper's Index

Posted at 5:00 PM Feb 16, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Number of Heartless Doll bloggers who love the Harper's Index: at least 1. There is one great gift given to me by all the handsome, pseudo-intellectual hipster boys I've dated over the years: Harper's, that uber-snobby collection of literati-friendly cultural meanderings. And now the Harper's Index is even more lovable: it's searchable!

Initially recommended search tags include "American women." And some surprising facts turn up, listed by date:

7/84 Percentage of American women who consider themselves pretty: 13

    Percentage of American men who consider themselves handsome: 28


2/91 Average size bra worn by an American woman in 1985: 34B

    Average size today: 36C

But they're not all as frivolous as bra size and looks:

11/98 Estimated number of American women arrested for child abuse since 1977 after using drugs or alcohol while pregnant: 200

If that all seems like a bit of a downer, consider searching instead for cats, robots or New York City.  


Bonnie said:

Don't worry, you are not the only HD girl who loves the Harper's Index!

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