Top 10 Chicks in 2009 Flicks

Posted at 5:00 AM Jan 08, 2009

By Wynter Holden

Cinematography and special effects may be in a golden era right now, but when it comes to leading ladies, we're still in the Dark Ages. You know, where every women was categorized as either maiden, mother or crone (modern translation: slut, housewife or cougar)?

For every ass-kicking Lara Croft or Queen Elizabeth, there's a dozen flighty, neurotic, big-breasted babes batting their eyelashes and giggling in the name of romantic comedy. 2008 saw a few real gems: a former Playboy model turned sorority den mama in House Bunny, Eva Longoria-Parker as a bitch ghost in the flop Over My Dead Body and a gaggle of gossipy, botoxed, middle-aged shrews in The Women. Sigh.

Thankfully, 2009 is shaping up to be a better year for us Dolls. From a 9th-century Popess (yup, that's a female Pope) to a cunning CIA Agent, here are just a few of the headstrong heroines that will be gracing the silver screen this year. Release dates, as you know, can change, and they vary by city.

10. Julia Roberts as CIA agent Claire Stenwick in Duplicity (March 20)

This thriller stars Roberts as one half of a spy duo who pair up to steal a valuable item from some greedy corporation. OK, so I'm panting at the mere thought of Roberts reuniting with hunk Clive Owen (remember the pair in Closer? pant, pant), but I'm mostly looking forward to Claire Stenwick using her feminine spy wiles to steal the mystery product and double-cross her partner. Mostly.

9. Amy Adams as Julie Powell in Julie & Julia (August 7)


Julie Powell is a government employee who spends a year cooking her way through every Julia Childs recipe in Mastering the Art of French Cooking (in her tiny apartment kitchen, natch!) and blogging the adventure along the way. No macaroni from a box? No takeout? Julie, you're my hero.

8. Camilla Belle as Kira Hudson in Push (February 6)


She was kidnapped by a secretive government agency called "The Division." She's also the only one who ever escaped from their clutches. And, oh yeah, she has the power to influence people's minds and could be the deadliest weapon on-planet. If there was ever a human being to respect and fear, it's Kira. Imagine if all women had that power...mwahahahaha! Watch the trailer.

7. Bonnie Wright as Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (July 17)


Really? Ron's little sister? Hell, yeah. Did you notice how easily she conjured the Patronus Charm and how much magical butt-kicking the petite redhead did as a member of Dumbledore's Army? Sure, she catches the eye of boys like Dean Thomas and Harry, but even new Potions Master Horace Slughorn can't deny the girl's got talent. Watch the trailers.

6. Robin Wright Penn as Pippa Lee in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (May 28)


Society matron Pippa Lee suffers a mental breakdown when her octogenarian (eew!) hubby drags her to an old folks town and then dumps her for a younger woman. Thankfully, Pippa doesn't snivel for ages, off herself or resign to being an old maid. Instead she recounts her wilder days as a lesbian soft-porn star and builds herself a brand new life -- while I imagine her ex marries some 20-year-old golddigger who sends him into an early grave.


joker said:

what a fucking joke. Watching out for Malin Akerman is a joke too. hahah

B.D. said:

What? Really?
I mean it could have been a bigger joke, but this can't be serious? Pretty shit list.

rein said:

Bonnie Wright. Hell, yeah. She's in every website now, what more when the movie released! She's gorgeous. She'd done great in Stranded when she was little. I reckon she's doing good in HP. Hope to see you in Hollywood, Bonnie. Really hoping forward to see you in Hollywood. hopwe to see you in House, Heroes, 90210, private practice and in Disney again...

rein said:

Bonnie Wright? Hell, yeah. she's very gorgeous. She's everywhere in website, how much more when the HP has been released. Hope to see you in Hollywood. Really looking forward to see you in Hollywood, in House, Heroes, 90210, Smallville, Private Practice and in Disney again....

nina said:

oh my god!!!!!bonnie is so gorgeous i really liked liked her..

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