Merritt Martin's Heartless Doll bio

Posted at 1:00 AM Jan 01, 2009

merritt credit james khattak.jpg
James Khattak
Merritt Martin spends most of her time happily ensconced in a cubicle at the Dallas Observer, editing the Night & Day section and writing her Girl Drink Drunk column, Project Runway recaps, music-related stuffs and other posts for the paper's various blogs. She lives, with her one-eyed cat and two-eyed boyfriend, in Dallas where they ride bicycles (well, not the cat) and listen to vinyl LPs (and even 8-tracks) with equal enthusiasm. Merritt prefers pants to skirts, cold cereal to eggs, and odd numbers to even. She once kept a Netflix movie for almost two years without watching it, and even in her thirties, continues to find that many of her family's "normal" traditions from her childhood are things that no one else has ever heard of.

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