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Posted at 1:00 AM Jan 01, 2009

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Kiala Kazebee is a professional writer living in Portland, Ore. After spending a year in San Francisco, she returned to the Pacific Northwest because it did not insist on taking $3,000 out of her checking account every month for rent. San Francisco did. San Francisco is a jerk.

Kiala wrote for the SFWeekly as their very first tech/social media blogger and misses poking fun at Kevin Rose and Steve Jobs on a weekly basis, although she continues to do so on Twitter and at her own blog, Face of the Cookie. Her work can also be found at the Portland Mercury where she is encouraged to say the word "boners" as often as possible.

Kiala enjoys vinyasa yoga, rampant consumerism, the internet, sci/fantasy, and romance novels about Duchesses doin' it with Dukes. Recently, she was a featured extra in Felicia Day's web series The Guild. And by "featured" we mean she spent 15 minutes at the craft services table demanding ice for her Diet Coke and was rewarded with FOUR EXTRA PIECES.

Kiala lives with her husband, two dogs and two cats. Her intern (Intern Meagan) helps her "Google" shit and keep track of when to wash her pajama pants. Kiala could not get along without her. Forever 21 makes Kiala happy, even though she knows the $9 dresses are probably made by Chinese babies with no feet. She's an asshole that way.


ken said:

she has really nice hair, too.

can i brush it and braid it?

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