HD writer bio: Top Five Things Andrea Will Not Relinquish At The End Of The World

Posted at 2:47 PM Jan 01, 2009

photo by Trenton Read, www.trentonread.com
I'm Andrea Grimes, a writer, stand-up comedian and die-hard Texan. An NYU grad and travel enthusiast, I'm currently living in Austin, where I'm working on a book about female comics, studying cultural anthropology and seeing the bottoms of a lot of Lone Star cans. Some folks know me best as the Dallas Observer's Girl On Top, though my writing has also appeared in Salon, the Austin Chronicle and SPIN. When the aliens come to get us in 2012, this is what I'm taking along for the ride:

5. My Legend of Zelda beach towel

Purchased at Toys 'R Us sometime in the late 80s, my LoZ beach towel features the old-school 8-bit Nintendo logo and is the ultimate water-side conversation piece.

4. Miller High Life tallboy six-packs

Some people have no respect for the Champagne of Beers, but I can assure you that my intense High Life obsession more than makes up for this fault in others.

3. Warped, cheap vintage comedy LP's

I used to listen to NPR while I cooked dinner; now Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers and Woody Allen help me make my special coq au vin, at least until I get tired of resetting the needle again and again.

2. Cowboy boots

I've been wearing the same pair--that I found in my mom's closet--for six years, and I'm convinced the things will never wear out.

1. Ira Glass

I honestly can't see him putting up much of a fight.    


Abby said:

Hi there Andrea!!
First of all, I LOVE your website. I'm a huge fan and get on all the time!!!
So I had a story idea for you guys. There is this website that I'm totally obsessed with it. It's called kissanddish.com and it's basically an anonymous blog where anyone can write about their love life and sex life (or in my case, lack there of!!). I saw an article about it in the newspaper and my roommates and I just sit around reading the stories and writing our own.
Anyways, thought you guys would like it!!
Keep doing what you do! I love your stuff : )

Dustin Last said:

Wow I think I am in love. Legend of Zelda beach towel. That is sweet.

PLS said:

im with ya on the highlife...
the aliens probably wont allow bottles,
but if they did you should definitely
opt for the 8 pack of 7oz. bottles,
quality over quantity...


Cynthia said:

We like your style! Mind if we add you ladies to our blogroll?

Joey said:

Hi Andrea, I saw your article hit digg. We kept in touch mostly through LiveJournal and some IM. Seeing your article inspired me to look you up on LiveJournal. I'm surprised to see you are still active there.

Please don't not know who I am. It will shatter my delicate ego.

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