HD writer bio: Top Five Esoteric Facts About Kathleen

Posted at 2:46 PM Jan 01, 2009

Kathleen is a freelance writer and culinary student based in Brooklyn, N.Y. She's fascinated by life, food and culture, both the vertiginously highbrow and contemptibly lowbrow (the middle of the road is for craven caitiffs). She's also quite fond of her husband, Stephen, and their dog, Penelope. Established factoids, all. Here are a few secrets:

5. She uses Irish Spring's Icy Blast bar soap every day.

I know. It's totally embarrassing.

4. On her 7th birthday she got overexcited after too much grape Koolaid... 

and chocolate cake, decided to run laps around the perimeter of her folks' house kicking her feet in the air while singing the theme song to "Footloose." She managed to launch one of her fancy patent leather dressy-time birthday/church shoes into the chimney during her spaz-out. Her mother never got over the humiliation of being forced subsequently to pair her party pink taffeta poof dress with a pair of crusty brown penny loafers. The end.

She once forced her husband out of bed at 6 am on his day off to save a baby bird.

It had clearly fallen out of its nest. When he groggily and rather crankily approached it, the bird allegedly peeped at him with aspersion and flew away. He claims it was full-grown, a subject still under (fierce!) debate.

2. After Kathleen quit smoking, she went through a rather prolonged stage in which she would consume an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting.

Preferably organic.

1. Sometimes she grinds pepper into her oatmeal.


Eugene said:

And she is very cute too...

Harrison said:

Your posture makes you look like you're sitting on the throne. :-D

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