Girl Crush: Meredith Chivers

Posted at 5:00 PM Jan 29, 2009

What do women want in the sack? According to recent research from psychology prof and scientist Meredith Chivers, we may know, but not all of us are telling. Reading through the lines of Chiver's findings, it seems many women tell others what they think is expected of them in terms of what turns them on - but their genitals tell a different (and much more interesting) story.

To wit: in Chivers' study, heterosexual women under-reported sexual excitement during visual representations of gay men having sex and scenes of lesbian intimacy than the plethysmographs (they measure genital blood flow) indicated. The opposite was true for heterosexual coupling. Results were similar with lesbian participants with the exception of lesbian coupling - in that regard, what they reported and what the plethysmographs reported were roughly on par. Men, on the other hand, accurately spilled the beans.

Chivers' research is essential not only because (duh) we need to gather as much information as we possibly can about our sexuality, but more importantly, providing a peek into what other women desire is bound to make "taboo" desires less so. It also forces us to face some tough questions: why are straight and gay men more comfortable talking about what turns them on and how can we find a way to get to that place?


Kathryn said:

I wonder if women are actually purposely underreporting their turn-ons or if it's really that they don't necessarily realize that they're as physically turned on as they are by certain things. Sex for women is often as much in their heads as in their bodies so I would say it's possible that a lot of them are accurately reporting what they're thinking about sex and just aren't in tune enough with their bodies to realize that there's a disconnect there. What do you think?

Eric said:

coming from a bio-evolutionary stand point i can see the benefit. it would be a good self protection mechanism. think about it. if you were attacked by a bunch of mean, you would be mentally into it. but your body protects you from severe injury or diseases. add in hidden ovulation and you got one hell of a protect system. then there is the fact that female orgasm can occur in paralysed women solely through clitoral stimulation shows that female orgasm also has nero-chemical trigger outside the nervous system. then there is the socio-psychological angle, where women are put down for being a sexual creature by both men and women. Plus the minds ability to disassociate anything it wants to. put it all together and you get a recipe for one crazy sexuality. and why i love women so much, your so fun to get to know.

Just me said:

It's sad, it seems that all women are lesbians. I guess women are so gynocentric that they simply become gay. I better stay single or find myself a boyfriend, at least gay guys like men. This kind of thing should be taught to boys at an early age, so they will simply avoid women as they grow up, or at least know they can't expect to be romantically loved by a woman or trust one of them in any form.

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