Dear Diary, Tina Fey, "Interwebz here I come!"

Posted at 4:00 PM Jan 23, 2009

By Sharon Steel

TinaFey.jpgTina Fey is one tough dame: we've never been more delighted to hear someone hijack their own award thank-you speech as an opportunity to tell some semi-anonymous Internet haters to "suck it." For today's Dear Diary feature, we're turning to Fey's Twitter, @TinaFey (we hope it's real), in which she shares her private musings about Cheetos, Apple customer service, and Obama's toenails:

I'm not ashamed to admit this can of cheetos has been rolling around my desk drawer since 2006. And they're still good.

Phew! Macbook back from wherever they send these things. Interwebz here I come!

Somewhere a man named Barack Obama sits on a toilet and thinks the same thing I do: I need to trim my toe nails.
Maybe if we're very, very good, one day she'll micro-blog mini-excerpts from her forthcoming book of comedic essays.


AlexB said:

If it's not her, someone's doing a great impression of her comedic style.

"I don't know why I even bother chewing corn anymore" is one of my favorite lines in months.

jade said:

tina fey is amazing

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