10 Most Annoying People At The Gym

Posted at 5:00 AM Jan 14, 2009

By Andrea Grimes

Fourteen days into January, and most of us have probably spent more time at the gym this year than we have in our entire adult lifetimes. The resolutions, they are upon us, and we have decreed: this year we will lose the weight! At least until the free gym membership runs out, right? Or until we just can't stand that creepy guy at the ab machine eyeing us any longer.

I used to think that the worst part about the gym would be all the buff dudes in the weight room dousing me in sloppy loads of testosterone; would that that were the least of my problems! No, the gym is full of folk, from creepy to sleazy to downright annoying, and I'm doing my best to deal with them whilst I huff and puff away. Read on to enter an account of this gym-goer's own personal hell: the 10 most annoying people at the gym.


10. The people outside the giant window watching us run

Someday, once we've all properly adhered to our gym routines and learned to eat well, or at least hide our eating disorders, everyone will be thin and beautiful. Until then, those of us at the gym who are sweating our asses off on the treadmill will not be especially thin, and in that moment, not especially beautiful. So why, gym architects, do you put the cardio equipment in front of the window that opens onto the street so that we can be gawked at like zoo animals? And seriously, dude with the giant coffee, we saw you walk by four times.

9. The locker room mirror hog

We're all at the gym hoping to see results. You are, too. That's fine. But spending seven minutes rotating oneself like a rotisserie meat in front of the full-length mirror is unlikely to reveal anything you didn't catch in the first four minutes. Move over, I have eyeliner needs.

8. The raquetball super-enthusiasts

It's hard for me to run and laugh at you wearing your goggles all over the place at the same time.


7. Wearers of ill-fitting gym clothing of the small persuasion

Tiny shorts. Tiny shirts. Tiny respect for the rest of the sweating, panting humanity. The smallest thing on your person at the gym ought to be your headphones, not your jogging shorts. I don't care if you're male or female, the fact remains: flesh is already plentiful at the gymnasium, and less is more. Way, way more. Like, 10 times more.

6. The locker room phone-talker

The public phone-talker is unknown to no one; we've all encountered the wheeling-dealing businessman, the self-absorbed Greek initiate, the baby-centric mommybot, all yammering on within closely quartered earshot. But the locker room phone-talker is a whole other breed, cluelessly getting their personal business on while wearing nothing but a jock strap or bra. Must one deal with somebody else's issues both visually and aurally? In the locker room, the answer is yes.


keith said:

I hate the talkers. E.g. the guy or girl (usually guy) who doesn't go to the gym to work out, but only to talk to their friends or hit on a girl. The problem with this is that usually the talker or talkee is on or near the equipment that I am trying to use and will sit there for 20 or 30 min. Get out of my way already and go talk somewhere else.

I also hate the "can I get a set in" people who want me to quit what I'm doing so they can get a set in. You can't wait 5 min for me to finish? Why should I throw off my routine because you have no patience. Go do something else and come back when I'm done.

Oh, and you forgot the grunters who are showing everyone how cool they are by lifting too much weight and sounding constipated. they usually like to slam the weight down so hard, you hope the building is up to code or else the whole floor is going to cave in.

Kelly said:

"mommybot". awesome. I hate the term "yummy mummy", yours is better (and more appropriate).

i absolutely HATE the ppl who take their cell phones with them onto the gym floor. when im running on the treadmill-to-nowhere, the last thing i really want to hear is someone else yakking away for 20 minutes on the machine next to me. drives me bonkers.

Mick said:

You forgot public nudity guy or gal. You know, the person who just walks around the locker room refusing to put their clothes on... trying to strike up a conversation with you... while they furiously towel off their nether regions... Disgusting.

FilthyRichmond.com said:

FilthyRichmond.com is teh taint.

faust1200 said:

What about the person walking around the locker naked for extended periods of time - standing around naked, and doing nothing for no reason. That should be #1.

Anonymous said:

How about the cocky guys that purposely brush past you when there's enough space for them to avoid you? Usually the angry, ex-jock types.

Anonymous said:

How about the cocky guys that purposely brush past you when there's enough space for them to avoid you? Usually the angry, ex-jock types.

yaooo said:

Wow. Your pathetic cry-baby attitude makes me want to throw up. Complain more, Bitchhhh

SomeRandomGuy said:

I find it hilarious that you both object to being looked at while you do cardio, and then at the same time openly mock how another group of people using the gym looks.

They're not "super enthusiasts", they just like playing racquetball and not going blind. Somehow, because one form of a gym-goer just wanting to get their desired workout in is not your desired workout form it's totally cool to subject it to indignity.

I'd suggest replacing the hypocritical jab at the racquetballers with "the Grunter" or "The Person Who's WAY Too Comfortable with Their Own Nudity.

Brad said:

Naked in the locker room guy is the worst.

I understand that changing clothes is in fact what a locker room is for,but when I am bending over to tie my shoes don't stand in front of me with your privates right at face level when I sit back up.

Vlad said:

How about those women, that do indeed look good, who decide to stretch and bend within eye sight of those (men) who happen to have at least 90lbs over their heads? Bad gym planning!

Charlie Hayes said:

Amen to Grunters and Weight Droppers.

All gyms need signs: "Dropping weights is dangerous, distracting, and destructive."

Brian said:

Pretty lame list ya got here. Wheres the small guy who wears workout gloves? Or the constant grunter. Or the people who feel the need to carry their cell phones around with them?

Kate said:

How about the dude who thinks he's it doing weights and grunting? Just in case people aren't looking, they can hear him!!

lollerskates said:

this is why nerds become rich and powerful, we just build gyms in the basement of our houses.

Jim said:

I bet you anything "yaooo" is one of these MORONS you mentioned in this list who just got offended..

Aww now who's the baby????? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Chuckler3 said:

You left out all of the new year resolution people hogging the oxygen from the dedicated gym goers. Taking up every piece of cardio equipment, while over exerting themselves so much so that they are doing more harm than good. Then taking up free weight area from the people there to actually break a sweat.
I agree with the women that come in wearing makeup and the tightest, smallest thing they can find. Like there aren't distractions aplenty already in a gym with tv's on every wall.

people grunt because they're actually working.. personally, i don't. a few of the guys in my gym do, but that's because they're lifting the equivalent of a small buick. if any of you actually went to the gym to work, it'd be easier to understand.

Tommy said:

bunch of posers, we have lots of those


Jay said:

Hey "keith"

I hate the morons who sit on a piece of equipment for 15 mintues. You can do that on cardio gear not on plate machines or free wieghts. Move your arse its not a chair or a rowing machine dammit.

I also hate supersetters. The guys who take up 3 machines at once and look perplexed when they come back and you are using a machine. I am not freaking mind reader juice monkey.

ki said:

You are a loser with a low level of tolerance/patience. Most likely, you do not get girls and seek out attention through writing on a blog.

mare said:

People who don't wipe off the equipment they just finished using with paper towels and disinfectant.

Oh, and aye on the kids with gloves.

Add to that list, the endless number of newbies who feel like they need to set the weight to far more than they can handle and then lift it once every 10 minutes, sitting there looking like they're getting the workout of the century in the meanwhile.

Jermel said:

what about the dudes that grunt and yell when they lift semi-heavy weights.

MIke said:

these are good, ive run into all these. ive submitted a couple stories to talesfromthegym.com - even funnier and scarier!

Normal Person said:

Why not just workout and not worry about other people? You obviously aren't concentrating on your workout if you are looking around watching everybody else and getting annoyed.

John said:

I don't understand why half of your complaints are about people being "too good"

For example, the Goddess who isn't breaking a sweat-- why is that annoying? Don't look at someone else who is fit and be annoyed that you are not. Why not, in a productive way, try to emulate her if you're jealous?

And I guess you people will never understand, but some weights are designed to be dropped- look up "power clean" or "snatch" on youtube and you'll see two exercises that are potentially unsafe to set down slowly. They install bumper plates in the gym for a reason.

What am I annoyed at? The people who have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to weight training and find the need to criticize those that do for "grunting too loud" under a weight that is legitimately hard to move. We all apologize that we're actually exerting ourselves and getting results.

Jake said:

As a nineteen year old male I exercise on a regular basis, and I couldn't agree more with Keith's statement pertaining to "grunters". I am sympathetic to those who may be at the end of a particularly heavy set and need that extra push. (I've been there) However, I observe grown men who grunt like apes with every rep, requiring me to then exit with laughter. Another gym pet peeve of mine, that often coincides with the previous, are people who obviously have no F'ing clue what they are doing. Young boys who could potentially hurt themselves, or even men who simply lack the knowledge to be proficient and get the best workout.

john said:

lame list really... First of all "The Goddess" is one of the best parts of going to the gym.
I coulda came up with 10 more better things to put on the list.
Like once in a while one of those wierd guys likes shaving his testicles in front of the mirror in the bathroom, for everyone to say, or that guy who likes clipping his toe nails in the changing room, but he likes clipping his nails while hes butt naked and bent over
oh how about those grunters? you know, the big muscly guys that lift weight too heavy for them, and scream loud grunts at the top of thier lungs? thats so whack...
i could go on for hours about all the things that piss me off about gyms, but ah well

asdf said:

how bout the people on their cell phones sitting on the machines while u wait for them to finish so u can use it... grrrrrrrrr

Alvin said:

I'm not a fan to Towel Shoulders. There's always a guy at the gym that walks out of the shower with his towel over his shoulder. "My Man, what the hell are you doing?"

Eric said:

The only type I dislike at the gym is the old geezer who catches one of the benches and does a full body workout on it. ridicules.

And those people who can't share, you know the type, when you want to do a set while they rest, and for some reason it bothers them.

trevor said:

This list reminds me of something that'd some whining gym prissy would write to deter people from getting in her way on her quest to college springbreakdom. Instead of hating on everyone at your gym, how about you flip around your attitude and look for more of the positive...

The gym is not the equivalent of a Bloomingdales... It's not easy to like lifting metal and running on rubber platforms, but those that work hard deserve whatever gains (or losses) they get. Call them Goddesses, rip on them for using the elliptical at a speed you deem too fast, and sulk to yourself some more. It's clear you sure as hell won't be looking like one any time soon, if your condescending tone is any indication.

David said:

Nothing wrong with the goddess, something to look at in between sets.

hate the people who dont rerack the weights when they're done. but thats about it.

Anonymous said:

Go John, somebody needed to speak the truth.

Someone said:

How about Boombox Guy? This dude feels the need to bring his radio to the gym and blast his crappy music, causing everyone else to suffer. Even people with earphones can't escape it. This is the kind of thing that sometimes happens in the fitness centers of apartments.

Jim Class said:

There is never, ever, under any circumstance, a problem with "public nudity gal" or "goddess on the elliptical machine".

K said:

John, I agree with you. Though there's certainly things I can agree with. But man, author of this article, what's up with this making lists of things that annoy you? You're seriously thinking about blogging about this stuff while you're walking through the gym? Is that, perhaps, and can I say, a bit sad?

rpggm said:

shut up and train.

this is moving weight, not playtime.

Anonymous said:

I thought the point of going to a gym (and not doing one of the many workouts that can be done in the privacy of your own home) is to embrace the social aspect of exercising around other people who are exercising... Perhaps you should follow up this article with "10 Most Motivating People at the Gym"... otherwise, why do you bother?

K said:

I don't like the kind of people you see walking around in gym and paying attention to everyone but themselves. I'm so sure they're very annoyed inside of themselves. At those times I can't help cynically thinking "why don't you go BLOG about it".

Andy said:

How about the new years resolutionists who flood the gym every January and take up all the machines from the regulars? Face it, you fatasses will be gone by February. Do us all a favor and just stay home.

Once you regularly start going to the gym can you start bitching about annoying people at the gym.

ferd said:

How about the most annoying thing , "the shave naked at the sink guy" he lay's his "junk" on the same sink that we wash our hands in.

dab0neman said:

Someone's already mention it but still: NAKED-Guy and Naked-Guy-That-Wants-Extended-Conversation are pretty bad.

The yellers and screamers are also bad too but at least they normally have the muscle to back up all that noise.

Last, the sweaty stinky folks that don't wipe down equipment after use. EWWWW!

Brooke said:

I was thinking about jackasses at the gym with all the January resolutionaries wandering about, so here's a few more:

The group of 5 girls that work out together, do a set each on a machine, talk for a bit, do another set, and finally leave after 20 minutes of hogging the damn thing.

People that bring a stack of magazines to the gym to look for new age workouts that are supposed to target areas and burn up to "10x more calories" and do incredibly awkward exercises. Nothing wrong about needing a reference, but really, how many issues of Cosmo do you need to tell you that you should do a squat?

People that don't wipe machines (yarg)

Weight hogs (take 3 or 4 sets of weights) because they'll use it eventually. Let the rest of us use them!!

Rational said:

By the end of page 1 .. I'm obviously asking myself.. "If it's so bad.. why does she go to the gym?" Then I got to reason #2 "The Goddess"...

... sorry you feel the need to look like her - and the need to pay money and do something you obviously don't enjoy doing in order to get there. (Hint: It's a sham)

Run a few laps around the block - do a couple push-ups and sit-ups... Eat Healthy. Save the $50/month and the hassle... 50 years ago, the American public was noticeably more fit -- yet there were no monthly membership gyms...

double_G said:

in addition to the naked guy is the STARE-OF-DEATH guy(s). i get a lot of this at the (large national chain) gym i go to; i don't get this. all these wannabe-tough-guys trying to stare you down as i walk around from machine to machine. is this some dumb self defense mechanism ? meanwhile all the MMA guys, cage fighters i know are the most polite people on the planet in these settings. WTH.

ferd said:

There are soooo many annoying people.

Head on a swivel guy.
The grunting guy
The make a scene guy
the one set guy that has to use the equipment your on guy
the out a shape guy with the tight UA Gear on.
Maybe I should work out at home

Ladies you can do what ever you like...

Spinalcracker said:

- New Year resolutioners taking up all the equipment, parking and showers for 3 weeks. Thank god you will be gone soon.

- The packs of douchebag guys that think they are the shiz or the pack of girls that cake on the makeup... both standing around talking trash about everyone else there instead of working out.

- Guys that think they are in waaaay better shape than they actually are, giving everyone else advice instead of lifting.

- Personal trainers reserving equipment for clients before they are ready to actually use them. "My client is just running for 30 mins and then I will be using this squat rack for 20 mins... sorry".

- When it's super busy, and all the benchpresses are in use, the last one some douche uses for leg thrusts or dips

- Guy in the change room that spreads all his crap across everything. You don't need all the floor space for your workout clothes, the bench for your street clothes, another bench for your bag and shoes, while you stand in the middle of the room in your underwear drinking a protein shake proclaiming to the room that you just finished a bulk and the girl out doing cardio wants you. No she doesn't... move your crap.

John Thomas said:

LOL, Priceless! Well done!


smack said:

The guys who try to reserve more than 1 station at once so they don't have to ever wait as they move through their sets drive me nuts, also the guys who dominate unique equipment for 20 sets during the lunch hour and try not to let you work in.

Al said:

The "can I get a set in" people is a symptom of another annoying problem at the gym: people who do dozens of sets on the same piece of equipment. I've seen people do sets for hours straight so don't get mad if someone asks to get a set in - they have no way to tell how nuts you are without asking.

nathan zuckerman said:

I love everybody and everything at the gym! Though some people get upset by this or that, I have found nice people to stare at, smile at, chat with. My life was empty before I joined up. Now I see lots of people for hours on end,every day, and it makes me feel wanted, needed.

JW said:

I go to the Gym 4-5 days a week and I have a list of annoyances from my observations.

1. People who park at a piece of equipment.
2. Head bands should be banned
3. People doing crazy shit. For example, I saw a person on the treadmill recently doing a combo of Flashdance and shadow boxing. WTF!
4. Locker room guys who are too confortable. I am not a homophobe, but I don't want to see 70yr old nutsack
5. Grunting! Is it really recessary?

anonymous said:

if you are going to write an article about something thats been written a hundred times before you, try to make some sort of improvement.

anabella said:

You left off "Old guy wearing 12 gallons of cologne."

There's nothing like inhaling a sudden wall of old-man cologne as you're gasping for breath on the treadmill. I've had to stop, walk outside to get some fresh air, and then resume my workout on the other side of the gym from these dudes.

What's wrong, old man? Was the 10th gallon not enough for you, or do you have no sense of smell past 60?


Big'n said:

Because I dislike all of you robots, I have a key to the gym so I can go when you are already back at home stuffing your faces with twinkies.... it's better that way trust me. Ahh freedom.

Shane Lowry said:

Nice light look at Gym life.

Some folks take things too seriously.


Santa said:

I have a few pet peeves at the gym to add to your list:

1. People who don't clean up after themselves on after using equipment. To all those who sweat as much as I do, the last thing someone wants to see is a pool of sweat and hair product all over a bench. This is so nasty I can't believe people are ok with it. Why don't you take a leak at the same time - at least urine's sterile!

2. People who hog up machines. Everyone gets to work out. We're all paying to go to the gym. But an hour on the elliptical machine when there are only 6 machines is just evil when there are people working. Really, get a clue and be courteous.

3. People who go to the gym not to work out - but be seen. The number of women (not as many men) who get dolled up and get to the gym in their high priced work out outfits is pretty pathetic. They don't break a sweat on the machines even - all they do is gossip and hog the machines.

4. The IPRICK. This term refers to the person who get a new Ipod or Iphone and then holds it out to such a degree to show it off. Really get a life. The IPhone prick also falls into the talks loudly and gets annoyed when you ask him to lower his voice a bit.

Dallas said:

Please come back to Dallas. We miss you.

jordan said:

dont forget guy that stand in front of the mirror wearing tapout shirts and pretending to be a fighter.

taylor said:

1. Excessive grunters: While I can sympathize with an occasional grunt from people lifting heavy weight (as in people pushing themselves hard), the excessive ones are annoying. By that I mean somebody who lets out a grunt from his first rep to his last... If the weight is really that heavy, perhaps consider lowering the weight in order to avoid injury.
2. Newbies who hog weights without knowing what they're doing: I'm so sick of seeing some 5"10 135lb kid sitting on a bench with a pile of dumbbells at his feet while he supersets. Honestly, if you want to superset that's fine, but don't hog the only dumbbells of a certain weight if you're only going to use them once every 10 minutes. Also, I swear to god if you don't stop doing jumping jacks with 10lb dumbbells in the next 5 seconds, i'm doing to kill you.
3. Talkers: People who go to the gym, usually in large packs, and do maybe one exercise/set in like 10 minutes while they wait for the rest of their homies to get their set in. Not only is this not very productive from a physical standpoint, but it's also a waste of time and a waste of equipment...

stevey said:

thi list sucks

TJ said:

There is nothing wrong with asking to get a set in. I get annoyed when people sit on machines while resting between their sets, get off your butt and let someone else use the machine during the minute that you're doing nothing.

Ed said:

Maybe retards who make "10 Most Annoying People" lists should keep their fat arses at home. When I'm at the gym my attention isn't on everyone else. I have my headphones on and I'm in my own world while I'm there. Maybe you should stop evaluating everyone else and keep running on that treadmill!

Anonymous said:

What a lot of whining. Mostly sounds like you don't like exercise. I go to the gym and see all the people you describe though I can't say any of them made the kind of impression you describe. The world of full of jerks - and really nice interesting people too. You choose who gets your attention. Last - if you really hate the gym so much, a nice run on the street is free and if you see someone you don't like you just go the other way.

John said:

This article sounds like it was written by someone who apparently has to but hates going to the gym, and wants to moan about anything and everything just because he dragged himself to the gym :)

Tip: Wear a hat and listen to some music and get on with your thing.

Oh and the guy that wants to get a rep in? Let him. Resting no more that 60 seconds between sets is proven to be healthier. Instead of moaning about the guy, talk to him. You might learn something. Be a why not person, not a why person :)

Al said:

We all hate going to the gym. I go because I have to. Now, I focus more on myself than people around. Oddly enough though, I will be that person lining up behind the treadmill with the hottie on it. Need motivation to run for 30 minutes!

By the way, author buddy, you are over-thinking the gym thing. Just go to the gym, do your thing and get out. The gym is full of people within million thoughts floating in their mind:
Fat guy (me): Gotta get rid of my belly
Buff guy: Gotta make biceps bigger
Skinny guy: I wish I could get fat so that I can turn it into muscle
Fat girl: Gotta get rid of my belly
Skinny girl: These weights are too heavy
Hottie: If I don't breathe, I won't break a sweat and mess up my eye shadow.

Lastly, the only thing I have to agree with is "The couple"... All you guys and girls getting all touchy and feely at the gym, GET A ROOM! and NOT the sauna or the aerobics room that is not in use!

Cheers :)

Anonymous said:

The worst are both mens' locker room deals:
1) The multitudes of guys who come into the locker room after "workouts" huffing and puffing and gasping, long beyond any reasonable expectation of being out of breath. They keep it up for like 15 minutes. Really, they're not gasping b/c of any real effort, they're gasping b/c it makes them themselves think, and attempts to demonstrate to others, that they've "had a really hard workout" despite the fact that they've walked around the track a bit and maybe lifted a few 20lb weights. I've come close to asking several of them "are you going to make it??". I understand that a *few* of them might have physical ailments, but the ratio of the ailing to the posers couldn't be nearly what I encounter after every workout. These guys are trying to make it seem like they've just finished ascending K2 in the locker room. It's not some real, post-workout, catching of wind, it's 100% an affectation. I understand from chix I know that the same holds true in womens' locker rooms as well.

2) The guys who blow their noses, loudly, in the shower. Please, please, nobody wants to walk in your boogers. There's no shortage of kleenex, paper towels, or TP in the locker room. I don't walk in your kleenex-snot, don't make me walk in it in the shower.

disgusted said:

All these high-and-mighty "gym-enthusiasists/EXPERTS" need to jump off their high horses/tread mills and get with the program: you are paying to interact with the PUBLIC. Get the hell over yourself and have a little compassion. We all had to start somewhere...more than likely these "resolutionists" will quit within a week but has anyone ever tried to encourage them? Everyone deserves a chance to work towards a healthy lifestyle (especially if they're paying for it) and your elitist attitude is ridiculous and sad.

Me said:

I am the most annoying person in the gym ever.

I like to sing while I do the treadmill but in deference to the neighbors I do not sing out too loud just move my lips and sing in sotto voce.

Sometimes people just stare at me, then I stare back and they become embarrased.

It drives everybody crazy but what do I care. You only live once. This is the only way I can put up with going to the gym every day for the last 5 years.

Jim Cricket said:

What is wrong with asking to work in if you're going to be a long time?

If you're new and doing the standard 3 x 10, with roughly 1.5 to 2 minutes between sets, you're only lifting for 1 out of 7 minutes spent there. Suck it up butter cup and share!

Sean Nieuwoudt said:

haha... dont forget the overly muscle bound jock, throwing weights around and making animal sounds...

RSB said:

I totally agree with this list. But I do like any chick that goes to the gym and looks hott! Thats just good old fashion motivation to me. To add to the comments about the naked guy in the locker room: why does it seem like the fist (and most important) part of his wardrobe to put on is his socks??

Anonymous said:

There's this guy at my gym who doesn't sing - he bellows out a phrase of whatever song he's listening to randomly every few minutes. He does this loud enough that you can hear him across the gym, from another room. If you can imagine it, it sounds like: Gym activity noise.. weights moving, people moving, cardio machines humming.. "WOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH" more gym noise, people looking around perplexed.

I wish he'd shut up because he obviously thinks there's something awesome about him causing this behavior and there's not.

FitDarcie said:

I feel your pain.

Jim Richards said:

The big, muscular guy doing heavy barbell squats or leg presses who pollutes the surrounding air by squeezing out a few stinky protein farts in between sets

Calixta said:

Talkers??? Why would a person bring a phone to the gym only to post up in some corner talking on the phone? They can do that at home, work or in the car. They talk for 30 minutes, lift a 5lb dumbell, towel off then leave. WTF? I figure their gym membership is free or something. And how is it they are producing sweat? Some are on machines talking on the phone. The ones with a bluetooth are the real killers. . . no concentration at all then they wonder how injuries occur.

justcamefromthegym said:

1. Cologne/perfume - I'd rather smell your BO, at least it doesn't burn.
2. The resolutioner who backs up traffic for half a mile during rush hour waiting for a parking spot close to the door. YOU SUCK!
3. The guy who just finished his full body curls commenting on my ATG overhead squats, "That's a good move. For a girl."
4. Personal Trainers who spend more time spotting hottie than they do their paying client.
5. Outta shape women who give me dirty looks. PS I used to be fat like you. I'm not because I don't waste other people's workout time trying to get the closest parking space to the door.

Steve said:

I don't get too uptight over any of this EXCEPT for the dudes that hock that big loog in the drinking fountain...it's so thick and nasty that it can't go down the drain and just spins there inches from my face. Makes me gag up my last meal. If I ever go through all the water I bring in my bottle, I just go thirsty rather than risk facing that putrid monster phlegm again. Dang that's nasty. Is it just my gym?

Lofty said:

As an ex gym manager/personal trainer,all good, valid points, Howver not all guys are creeps in the gym or PT's focused on attending to the 'hot' chicks. My personal hang-up is poeple walking in front of you right when your in the middle of a tough exercise. Damn!!

WC said:

I hate the people I call "The Conference" you know them right? The group of guys or girls or both who sit around the machine doing more talking than exercising? I want to use the machine, but there's easily 3-4 of them doing a set and then talking for half an hour while you stand there annoyed and waiting for them to finish. The gym is a social place as well but take the conversation elsewhere please and not hog the machine(s), I do have other things to do with my time after the gym you know.

DR said:

The "old guy" who wears the old school Adidas shorts from 1976 that no longer have any working elastic. The last thing I need to see is a set of wizened old "twig and berries".

The "Screamers" - Those guys who need to let the entire gym know just how strong they are by letting out a primal scream during each and every rep.

The "Non-Wipers" - The people who sweat all over a piece of fitness equipment and fail to wipe up their back/ass sweat for the next unlucky user.

The "Stink Bombs" - The people who casually stroll the gym floor leaving protein shake farts in their wake. FYI, enzyme supplements will help with that lactose intolerance problem

Shower Pee-ers - Guys (can't say if the ladies do this - I hope not) who pee while showering in the communal shower room. There should be the death penalty for this one.

LAH said:

These posts summarize my reasons for going to a ladies only gym. Thanks for reminding me; I can do without the images your words described.

Dee said:

Non-wipers...I don't want your germs! What ever happened to courtesy and good hygiene? And individuals that use circuit machines when they have no intention of working the complete circuit. It's called a circuit for a reason!

Bro said:

Fuck you're an annoying cunt. Go to the gym and do your thing, worry about yourself and leave. YOU ARE THE MOST ANNOYING PERSON AT THE GYM.

The "Goddess"? Sounds like you're jealous you're an ugly fat piece of shit. The person on the elliptical... oh sorry they are actually working their asses off.

Why are you even at the gym, you're fucking pathetic. You even start off by saying you're a fucking new years resolution douche. You aren't going to stick with it and you don't even try. Just kill yourself

Anonymous said:

what's with the hostility in the comments? i thought it's just a funny article, seinfeld style. lighten up

i'll add people who lift 100 lbs over their recommended weight, and checks out the mirror after every two repetitions.

Anonymous said:

I hate the people that drop their weights on the floor as hard as they can so that the whole gym looks at them.. But it does take the focus off me stuggling with 130 pounds on the bench press. I also hate when people come and do the exact same excersize as me right next to me.. I didnt come the gym to have a silent lift off

Anonymous said:

I hate the people that drop their weights on the floor as hard as they can so that the whole gym looks at them.. But it does take the focus off me stuggling with 130 pounds on the bench press. I also hate when people come and do the exact same excersize as me right next to me.. I didnt come the gym to have a silent lift off

newbalance007 said:

I really hope i will not become any one of those people.

sunny123able1 said:

the only thing ive really found annoying is those people who do a set of reps on one machine, then get up and walk up and down all the while stretching the crap out of their legs, and alot of the time, these people get off of machines that work out their upper bodies, so why are you stretching your legs? and come on that jolting thing where your kicking out all parts of your body to get the blood flowing (apparently after a minute) walking slowly is just friggin weird, another thing i hate is the younger boys staring at you all throughout your workout just because your not as skinny as a girl

justinrussell199@hotmail.com said:

Just workout like u guys r fucked haha

justin said:

Just workout like u guys r fucked haha

sierra night tide said:

1) Tiny tiny short shorts worn by women who wear a full set of make up - do they actually sweat? 2) Talkers in the steam / sauna. The room is a cool down room not a cafe. 3) Sweaters who don't bring a towel and sweat all over the equipment - YUCK!. Wipe it when your done! 4) Women in the locker room who get annoyed as you patiently wait for them to finish dressing so you can get to your locker. 5) Women who DO NOT patiently wait and shove into you while your trying to get dressed.

How to Get Abs said:

Hahah, it's funny because it's true.

You can't forget the "Grunters" They are the guys lifting weights and grunting like they're being punched in the stomach. Ok, some breathing is fine, but grunting to lift 25lbs is way unnecessary

jack said:

you forgot naked people in the sauna where it specifically says must have towel. its esspically gross when ther 200ibs or there old

Shoke said:

Some of these comments are retarded.....

Putting the weights hard down onto the ground saves your energy and spine for many exercises...let me see you try to "gently" lower the weight on a 500 lb. deadlift!

and what's wrong with a little grunting when you lift weights? If you're not making an effort or exerting yourself at the gym, then you might as well go home and watch sesame street!

Aaron said:

What about the whinining, bitching, moaning, insecure loser who has the time in their pathetic lives to make a thread as stupid as this. Don't go to the gym if it bothers you that much. If those little things bother you I feel sorry for when you step out of the gym and into life. Also, I'm sure people are thinking the exact same thing about you dumb-ass bitch(Your probably the person everyone hates at the gym who complains about every little thing.)

Ed said:

You probably should just buy a Bowflex and never leave the house if all of these things bug you so much. I just thank my lucky stars that I don't date you or work with you.

RD said:

If you are usually focused on working out...then all the other annoyances are not that annoying. When I first started working out, I got annoyed, but now I don't. I just focus on my workout and nothing else seems to bother me. But there is one thing that does bug me though, when people will stare at my tattoos (I have tattoos on my back, and the back of my neck)...or creepy old dudes asking and commenting on them while I have headphones on.

Doug said:

I am so glad I'm not the only one annoyed by these people. I'm sure these folks are mentioned in other posts but they deserve special recognition.

1) The fat, old, hairy guy in the locker room who walks around stark naked for 20 minutes, maybe waiting for someone to hit on him? Idk
2) The screamers! The guys that scream like little girls as if to say SOMEBODY LOOK AT ME
3) The guys that work at the gym who want to use half the equipment to workout on during the lunch hour rush.
4) The New Years Resolution folks.
5) The 150 lb guy that walks around all flared up like he is huge

kat said:

The weirdo guy who goes to the gym *solely* to ogle at women. You just know what *he's* going to do the minute he's alone. ew.

gia said:

YES!! the commenter on here talking about the guy that screams out random lyrics to songs he's listening to on his headphones!!!!!!!!! you are so, so right...do you live in cabo? ;)

i ask because nobody on here has mentioned THAT guy yet, so i thought maybe it wasnt a common bad-gym-ettiquette trait.

there is this american guy that does the horrible singing outbursts. he is some timeshare salesman, very tall and blond, mid-40s. he drives me absolutely batshit everytime i see him (which, unfortunately, is everydamned day as he goes when i go).

hes a total tool, very distracting, and overall VERY disrespectful and thinks he is awesome and cool...he blurts out guitar noises, wails, squawks, and bleats out lyrics nobody can understand --- all of it totally random and even startling, esp. when all is silent, youre focusing, etc....

whats worse, the gym is never that crowded during these times, so its really, really awkward. CANT get away from him, unless i cut my workout short... i seriously have to chew gum everytime i workout because i cant grit my teeth in silent discomfort any longer...

p.s. your description of the sound had me rolling on the floor!!!

Hair Straightener Blog said:

The old women hitting on me are the most annoying people in the gym...

Lenore Highstrom said:

Posted 01/18/2010 at 03:01:07 PM
Hair Straightener Blog said:

The old women hitting on me are the most annoying people in the gym...

Not as annoying as the old men!

simplebuddie said:

I love the gym. I am not a gymrat or whatever but I grow up being atletic since I was little one,runnig, jumping,playing soccer,volleyball,boxing or biking. I Love "exercises".It makes me release strees and confront serious problems with the right solution.I lookin good shape just it is a resultfrom exercising,no shallowor anything....but I love to keep fitting in the same size clothes. You guys, I totally do agreet with you.I live in Chicago. I dont like winter no because the cold,..whatever I buy gloves,tick coats or whatever .The reason is because people who you described before. They dont respet people who really are enjoying working out. I do out sports or any activities like running,biking.etc in summer or whatever season that will allow me to be outside. I am very close to buy my treadmill and implements to do everything in home.
People who I will describe more than annoying and rude are:
_Cellphone people...what is the emergency?leave your cellphone in the lucker room or home...your loud talking!! you are being a jerk!!
_Buddies talkers ...next to me ( I am not interested in your personal life,dates,jobs...your conversation will be perfect in a bar,cofffee stores or your house...why the gym??
_Whore or slut gyms. I believe that some people feel atracction for atletic people no reason to approach them in the locker room,bathroom,pools,yoga classes ,using machines or weights....seriuosly stop it...dont follow me in my rutines!!!! it is creepy
_Possers: I know you look like a barbie or kent doll.You are wearing Nike expensive sport shoes,you shop your gym clothes in fancy places...Great!! your fake tanning and your perfect hair make you look like a god or godness...but please dont try to get my attention doing your streech in front my treadmill....I try to avoid you but you still looking for eyes attention ...you try to talk me...why?? I dont look like you..
_Dirty and smelling people.I know a good workout means a "big sweating" I sweat alot but I wash my gym clothes everyday after workout,i dont wear same clothes but it motivates me a clean smell...some people looks like never washed their clothes sport shoes in years, put them in your wash machine everyweek, i really dont care about clothes but your smell did...stinking shoes..eww... I know you dont have to shower before going to the gym but personally i do it in home because it will give me more energy but people with underarms smell.eww!! ,,,pls...a deodorant costs only 1.50 it doesnt have to smell nice,buy it unscented but dont let me smell your horrible underarm.
_Butch Men....it is not a compettion, I dont want to look like " green hulk" stop screaming, you dont look "hot" you look like a moron...ok with your loud screams you did interrup my concetration....congratulations!! and you did nt get the right attention, trust me
_People that own machines in front tv or reading newspaper...you want to watch tv...stay in home and dont spent hours in a place where somebody else really wants to use it. I usually will use different machine just to avoid the situation.
_Rude Trainers....do you haveto stand next to me and talk loud with your client...aggg!! be profesional, I dont need you because I read to have a right work out but I would hire you but stop being rude with your long conversations....My best "trainer" is my IPOD...I love it.
....There are more different annoying but I will mention them later....because I will never end

JerryMander said:

So is the absence in this list of the guy staring at your ass the whole time consent?

Jikie said:

"I don't care if you're male or female, the fact remains: flesh is already plentiful at the gymnasium, and less is more. Way, way more. Like, 10 times more."


website design said:

People watch from behind the giant glass annoy me the most.

rynjor said:

I hate spotter guy. This is the cocky guy who keeps interupting your workout for a spot. Dude leave me alone!!

Beth said:

I have a creepy guy at my gym that always, and I mean always gets on the machine right next to mine. As if that's not bad enough, he then continues to look over at my t.v., turn to that channel, and then laugh in a loud voice. Then, he turns the elliptical or treadmill on some ungodly speed and difficulty level and tries to "impress me." oh my gosh, go away, go find someone that isn't 30 years younger than you! I have already told the gym about it and I don't feel like I should have to change up my whole schedule in order to come at a time when he isn't there...Gyms aren't cheap and I shouldn't have to feel like I'm being stalked!

jony said:

haha yo just saw this... the most annoying people in the locker room its so true.. anyone see this http://thefreshroll.com/?p=175

allelddrise said:

The restaurants list with thousands of restaurants reviewed by visitors.

LostDoubleChin said:

Why so many complaint, it's a good list !

big mike said:

Here's my top 10 most annoying list:

1) The Loud Grunter. On every rep. Come on, man...I never grunt on any rep and I make really nice gains, and it's a show when the whole gym hears you screaming like an idiot.

2) The "Can I Junp In" Guy. Jump in? Are you really gonna jump? How high? Can't you wait 5 minutes? I move on after 3-4 quick sets. Have some damn patience.

3) The Superset Station Hogger. You also want to use the station that I'm on while you use another? F--k you, prick.

4) The Dumbbell Dropper. You aren't a pro powerlifter. Use lighter weight if you can't handle the heavy stuff. I never drop weights. Only babies throw their toys.

5) The "I'm Doing Something New" Jackass who needs to be super creative and juggle weights and shit.

6) The Returning Roamer. Walks away from the station for 5 minutes then comes back and expects it to still be open. You snooze, you lose.

7) Blabbermouth Betty. Talks to friend for several minutes while standing near the station that you want to use. Then when you try to use it she says that she's still using it.

8) The Jug Filler. Moron who stands there filling his watter bottle while a line forms behind him. Dude, others want to drink too.

9) The Boxer Wannabe. After too many punches to the head, this loser keeps toe tapping and/or throwing air punches around his station.

10) Smelly Guy. Needs to take a bath and wash his gym clothes. If I can smell you from 10 feet away then you really reek!

I do go to the gym for an hour and then leave. I don't go to watch other people, but if you are grabbing my attention by doing something an idiot would do, then you make the list!

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