Sites We'd Like to Have a Drink With: Topless Robot

Posted at 11:34 AM Dec 22, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

Anne Frank and Dragon Ball Z combine forces in Holocaust cartoon crossover fan fiction!!!

Gingerbread AT-AT makes Star Wars universe deliciously frosted!!!

Nativity scene recreated in Legos turns Jesus' birth into do-it-yourself fun!!!

Where else could these bits of absurdly dorky, absurdly wonderful news come from but Topless Robot? Up until now, we've somehow forgotten our lovely sister site in our regular feature, "Site's We'd Like to Have a Drink With." How is that possible? Not only do these guys work for the same benevolent overlords we do, their dedication to nerdiness astounds and humbles us -- or at least it humbles me. Sure, they like boy things, like video games and Star Trek and pretty girls, but, to be honest, I like those things, too. Let's be friends.

Topless Robot, I heart you in all your random internet video, random craft project, random awful bit of fan fiction glory. You should totally go out for a drink with us sometime. It'll give us a chance to stop thinking about feminism and boys and shoes and just dork out. What do you drink? Wait, do you drink? You don't live in your parents basement, do you? I'm sure your mom is really nice and all, but getting served lemonade on a tray by a woman in an apron at 4:00 in the afternoon wasn't exactly what I had in mind.


John said:

"Wait, do you drink?"



Call it a hunch, but something tells me Rob would be OK with a drink. Or closing down the bar. :)

CTrees said:

The answer you're looking for is Scotch, Bonnie. Oh, and Rob's married, so he's *probably* out of his parent's basement.

Johanna Smit said:

I love Big">">Big and Sweet Asses

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