Sites We'd Like to Have a Drink With: Daily Bedpost Redux

Posted at 5:38 PM Dec 15, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

dailybedpost2.jpgI heart Daily Bedpost. They dole out frank, entertaining sex coverage and advice. They don't shy away from asking questions like "What's your favorite way to seduce someone?" and then filming real people giving their awkward answers. They combine medical knowledge with sex positive pink-ness. And now apparently they're going away.

One of the spots I've featured before in "Sites We'd Like to Have a Drink With," Daily Bedpost may now be getting axed by owner Condé Nast. Of course, in some ways, this is just one more sign that in our economy sucks, but it also highlights how certain publication owners don't consider sex coverage an integral part of journalism. When times are tough, sadly, people think it's not important. This news comes on the tale of countless cancelled sex columns, blog, and radio shows, all of which have sent waves of foreboding through my not-so-little sex writer's community, involving writers like Regina Lynn and Melissa Gira.

The folks over at Love Buzz are also mourning the loss of Em & Lo. My question: will these ladies move on to a new sex-related writing gig, or like many writer friends who've been laid off, will they take their interest in sexuality and look for work outside of publishing?
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