On tying knots in cherry stems and family reactions thereto

Posted at 12:22 PM Dec 31, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

Over at Jezebel today you can find detailed instructions on how to tie knots in cherry stems as a New Year's Eve party trick. This is one of those classic coy ways to grab attention from slightly drunk boys who can only barely wrap their minds around what your tongue must have been doing to achieve such a result. What's interesting to me though is the author's description of how she learned the trick, and her family's reaction:

Unfortunately for my still-probably-embarrassed mother, when does a 12-year-old have access to enough practice maraschino cherry stems but at a family function with an open bar. At least a dozen cherry stems, a massive sugar high and a bunch of snickering male relatives later, I knew how to do it.
I should admit, I'm also one of those girls who can tie knots in cherry stems. Unlike this fine lady though, I don't do it often, and my family doesn't find it embarrassing. Much to the contrary, my mother actually uses it as her party trick. When we're at family functions or social gatherings and someone has a cherry in their drink, she can be heard to proclaim, "Oh, Bonnie knows a great trick with a cherry stem. Go on, Bonnie, show them!" Luckily, if the crowd is old enough, it doesn't seem to occur to them that what I've been guilted into doing is somehow wildly inappropriate. 

How about you, dolls? Any interesting party tricks?


mandy said:

OMG! I know *exactly* what you mean. I visited my mom, and she took me to the bar a friend of hers owned. There were about a dozen people there, who she knew but I didn't. At one point, my mother announced loudly (and soberly) to everyone: "All my daughters can tie cherry stems into knots with their tongues!" I swear she sounded prouder of that than just about anything else I've actually accomplished. Of course, I got a number of speculative looks.

I am scarred to this day. Luckily, I live thousands of miles away and have never seen any of those people again.

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