OMG You Made That? Christmas Light Edition

Posted at 7:17 PM Dec 18, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

As a little Jewish girl, there was nothing I loved more about the holidays than seeing suburban houses done up in Christmas lights. Which home would be the most elaborate? Which block would most clearly cry, "We are so awesome, we need to light up the neighborhood with our macho reindeer?" One particularly tasteful house near where I grew up in Philadelphia always sported four -- count 'em, four -- separate nativity scenes. I barely knew what the heck one nativity scene was at the time. Oh, and they had a whole army of those blow up Santas.

Not that I'm all grown up, I don't live in suburbia anymore, but I'm still a sucker for Christmas decorations. I love walking down the street here in San Fran, spotting which houses -- presumably inhabited by decoration-loving hipsters such as myself -- go all out for the holidays. I especially get a kick out of seeing people's Xmas trees through their living rooms windows. It's just so darn quaint. Also it's really, really shiny, and apparently I'm attracted to shiny objects.

Here then is a collection of some of my favorite Christmas decoration creative commons shots from Flickr, which should give us all some inspiration for how to be ridiculously shiny this holiday season. If these photos don't make you happy it's December... Well then, good ma'am, you have no soul:



Greg said:

I really love it when people let imagination and initiation go wild. Great pics

Sarah said:

Not one of these places has snow on the ground. I guess they had to make up for their lack of snow with an abundance of lights.

NatalieDogLover said:

I'm just a humble jewelry designer from NY who is trying to get used to all this stuff!

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