OMG You Made That? Bazaar Bizarre Slideshow

Posted at 2:05 PM Dec 04, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg

This week "OMG You Made That?" gets weird and Christmas-y all at the same time. We're directing your attention to a slideshow running over at our sister site (okay, it might be like a cousin site), which brings you the highlights of a recent, off-center, and otherwise super cool craft event that happened this weekend in my own San Francisco. From editor/photographer Janine:

Sunday's Bazaar Bizarre at Golden Gate Park's County Fair Building provided a great opportunity for one to pick up one-of-a-kind presents for those hard-to-buy-fors on the list. (Meat earrings for that carnivore in your life, anyone?) We loved a lot of the homemade offerings, but since December is minutes away, here are the 10 Christmas-themed decors we liked best (with links, in case you missed out).

What I like about the items featured: they're both totally weird and totally cute. You probably couldn't buy them for your grandma, but you so could buy them for me... hint, hint. Here are some of my favorites:

bazaar-bizarre-10-favorite-handmade-christmas-decors.2795784.36.jpgFuzzy robot Christmas tree ornaments
Sweet meat plushies

Cuddly yule logs


Kathryn said:

There are so many cool indie shopping events that happen in San Francisco at this time of year! I'm wondering if this weekend's Mission Bazaar is going to have some stuff similar to the Bizarre Bazaar ... the lineup of performers seems to indicate that a similar type of crowd might like this event.

Rio said:

Makes me want to knit a pac man. Unique gifts for unique people, great to see creative craf ing is alive and well. Thanks for sharing.

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