Finally, a magazine for the oppressed rich, beautiful and single

Posted at 10:51 AM Dec 18, 2008

By Andrea Grimes

singularcover.jpgThere are 89.8 million single people in the United States--according to a 2006 U.S. census press release, that is, 41 percent of us. And there are probably more who are divorced, widowed, etc., who don't consider themselves properly "single." More than half of the single folks are women. So, like, everybody you know right?

Singles are supposedly the target demo for Singular Magazine, a publication for, well, I'll just let them say it:

"In a society that still tries to tell us individuals must be married to be happy, successful and "complete," Singular Communications is breaking the mold. They have created a vibrant community where unmarried adults in Los Angeles can come together and celebrate the benefits and positive aspects of the single lifestyle. It's a fresh new view of what it means to be single in Los Angeles."

I'm not sure people in L.A. have felt an oppressive need to be married since divorce was invented, but I'll take their word for it. The magazine itself seems to have a sense of humor, or is at least okay with borrowing Amy Sedaris', since she's their holiday cover girl. Singular also has a rather tasteless sense of luxury, according to MediaPost's "Magazine Rack," from which I heard of this single-positive pub. Oh, to be loaded and single and to have gone this long without a magazine!

The mag's online ads, at least, try to fight the (married) power: on the Singular site I found a link to an eBay listing (?) for the Singelringen! It's a little Swede-made ring that advertises your singlehood to the (hopefully interested) world. Why do they only come in blue? I hardly ever wear blue. Or go to Sweden.


Linda Sherman said:

Dear Andrea,

Thanks for the link to Singelringen!

The reason that the link for the Singelringen ad on the Singular site is currently going to Marsha Collier's eBay store is because she is located in LA, a Member of, the leading authority on eBay, and was running a holiday special that I wanted to share with the SingularCity Members.

Singelringen advertises on Singular because we see a synergy in opinion. Singelringen is all about being complete and happy as a single person, while open to possibilities.

Turquoise blue - the color is considered lucky, spiritual - various things in various countries around the world where Singelringen is worn.

Linda Sherman
Singelringen Representative for North America

Single and Happy said:

You must not be single, over 30 and living in LA. Because if you are, you would know that you are invisible. In a city consumed with youth, to have a magazine that focuses on what to do and whats happening with the mature single is a Godsend. If you don't think this is a community, I don't know what is.

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