Spotted: wildly inappropriate clothes for kids

Posted at 1:52 PM Nov 07, 2008

By Bonnie Ruberg


Does anyone else think this child-sized sweatshirt is just soooo not okay? Topless Robot contributer Jason spotted it in a shop window in the Redmond Town Center in Washington state. It's not that children can't be hip. It's that they really shouldn't start advertising their slutty ways with suggestive slogans until they're at least eighteen. Patience, girls, patience.

The thing that bugs me about this shirt is that it implies something so sexual, so "tasty" and fresh about the kid wearing it. Maybe I've been watching too much Law and Order: SVU, but that kind of thing seems like a pedophile's dream. It's like the Big Bad Wolf drooling over Little Red Riding Hood. Snatch me from the playground, please! Just think how young and tender I'll be when you eat me!



Jeff Manley said:

While working at Wal~Mart I once noticed that little girl's training bras were sold under the label of "Sweet Nothings"... I'm pretty sure that is dirty and nasty. Nasty, nasty, nasty...

Joan D. said:

Yeah, this one is definitely a matter of age and experience.

Teenager (or label whore of any age) sees shirt on a kid and thinks - "Cool shirt...I love Juicy Couture."

40-year-old pervert sees 'So Juicy' shirt and thinks - "Yeah...I bet you are." Ugh.

Personally I would've found it innocent, until you pointed it out. Now the jogging pants with "Juicy" on the ass are another story!

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